5 Best Industries For AI Object Detection


One of the newer technologies hitting industries worldwide is object detection. Used as a means of identifying objects in images and video frames, there are a host of applications in today’s tech-based world. Object detection aims to create computer-based models to bring specific, often critical information to computer vision applications.

As this tech is becoming more are more popular in a myriad of niches, here are the 5 best industries for AI object detection.

1. Visual Product Search

When it comes to shopping, both online and in store, a more functional consumer experience is fast becoming the focus for a host of retailers. This is where object detection software can come in. Allowing users to take a snapshot of a product and find all the information they need with little fuss will promote a more seamless approach to buying.

2. Visual Listening for Brands

You may not know this, but there are a lot of brands out there that already employ object detection methods. Right now, they use ‘visual listening’ to get important metrics and data from the images people upload to social media.

3. Medical Image Analysis

Medical imagery is one of the biggest sectors where object detection AI can be extremely useful. Having the opportunity to evaluate ultrasound scans, CT scans, MRIs, and even x-rays in seconds to support a clinician’s diagnosis’ is already revolutionizing the industry.

4. Image Recognition for Art

Ai object detection is bringing conventional art galleries into the 21st century with apps that let users capture images and get information about the art piece they’re looking at. Right now, you can find the name of the creator, the artwork itself and the year of its creation, as well as physical dimensions, materials used, description, and the selling price and price history.

5. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition has become a great piece of software for personal use alongside wider industry applications and is continuing to be adopted across a range of sectors.

Final thoughts

Machine learning and AI can make a huge difference, and as digital advancements continue to rise, the need for better, faster more functional software is growing exponentially. If you want to learn more about object detection, why not take a look at https://www.sentisight.ai right now?

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