Celebrate Your Educational Accomplishments in Style


Graduation is one of the most important points in your education trip. When designing your graduation invitation cards, focus on designing each card to your specific fashion, taste, and preferences. Mixbook lets you create custom graduation cards speaking volumes about your personality and educational accomplishment. You can prepare a graduation greeting card, graduation party invitation, and graduation thank you cards simultaneously for convenience.

About Graduation Greeting Cards

As your graduation day approaches, you need to ensure that all is in order. Mixbook is a viable solution to the trouble of making unique and memorable invitations. The platform lets you build graduation greeting cards, graduation party invitations, graduation invitations, and graduation thank you cards specified to fashion, tastes, and preferences.

Mixbook offers all you need to prepare a personalized graduation greeting card by choosing your ideal text, fonts, colors, stickers, and ornamental accents for different recipients. Your card is made of high-quality paper for sharp images and luxurious finishes at affordable costs.

Mixbook offers interesting make-your-own themes that simplify the creation process through a user-friendly template. The intuitive program makes every step straight forward whether you’re a pro or amateur looking to build your first graduation greeting card.

Mixbook makes your graduation greeting card options engage you from the first stage and allows you to get a glimpse of your final product before proceeding to print. Every year, Mixbook helps you create long-lasting souvenirs that one may store in the scrapbook.

Emerging Trends in Graduation Invitations

While everyone else opts for electronic invitations, take your invitation a notch higher through tailor-made graduation greeting cards. Mixbook offers quality products that you or recipients can keep safe for future references in a frame or scrapbook.

Graduation Party Trends

Your graduation deserves a party that all in attendance can enjoy and talk about for days and years. The first step for a party is sending out invitations. Your party may include:

  •       Advice trees. Each guest can give you applicable advice for your career and future life endeavors. Have them scribble a few words of advice on tiny cards that you may fix to a spray-painted tree using clips or clothespins.
  •       Balloon photo displays. For an indoor party, you can decorate further with helium-filled balloons hanging around the room. Compliment your balloon display with more items delivering an interactive exhibition and memorable visual impact.
  •       Photo Booths and selfie stations. Attendees may need to take photos with the graduate to make the day more memorable. Use simple DIY designs to build an exclusive photo booth and a selfie station. Allow your guests the opportunity to add more decorations to the booth for a more personalized experience.
  •       Popcorn bars. Popcorn is great for adults and children in equal measure. Use up-to-date popcorn seasoning flavors like buffalo wing, jalapeno, and caramel corn for the best flavor. Use disposable popcorn bags that you can get rid of shortly after.
  •       Self-serve beverage stations. For a perfect party, ensure the constant flow of drinks. Prepare a DIY self-serve beverage station for children and adults in different sections. Your starter pack may include a coat rack and a metal tub to hold ice and drinks, respectively.

Final Thoughts

Mixbook has a long list of satisfied clients, as evident from many positive reviews online. The platform allows you to create a fully personalized graduation greeting card from scratch or using readily available templates from renowned designers and studios. Visit Mixbook to design your graduation greeting card, graduation invitation, or graduation thank you cards.

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