What Challenges Will the EV Market Have to Overcome to Overtake Diesel?


Electric cars sales continue to rise and they are a much more common sight on UK roads, but what could prove to be a few speed bumps along the way to overtaking petrol and diesel? Electric cars are certainly the future and many are already making the switch, but there are also a few issues that could keep diesel out in front for a while longer.

Is Price the Issue?

It is easy to assume that the cost of an electric car is what is holding motorists back, but this is no longer the case. Electric cars are becoming more and more affordable as there is an increasing number of models reaching the market, which also means that you can now find them in the used car market.

Additionally, motorists understand the long-term savings that can be made and understand that it is a smart financial investment that can be made easier to manage with finance deals. Not only this, but the cost of fuel is becoming a major concern for UK motorists and switching to electricity can protect motorists from this continued rise.


One of the biggest challenges is infrastructure. While it is true that there are more charging points than petrol stations with more being added weekly, it is also true that it does pose challenges for motorists. Not everyone will be able to charge their vehicle at home, which can create issues and means that motorists have to rely on public chargers and this can take some time.

Resistance to Change

There is also the big issue of many people being resistant to change. Many motorists simply are not ready to make such a big change, especially “petrolheads” that feel passionate about having an “authentic” driving experience. Additionally, climate skeptics will be less inclined to make the change and those from older generations may prefer to play it safe and stick with what they know.

Limited Choice

While there are many more electric cars than there were and every major manufacturer is creating new models and electrifying their existing range, like the popular electric Vauxhall Corsa, you will find that there is still limited choice compared to traditional vehicles. This will be another obstacle that will slow down the electric car revolution until the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel in 2030. This will change with time but currently, it is an issue that is holding the EV market back.

The EV revolution is gathering pace and electric cars are much more common on UK roads, but there are still a few speed bumps that will slow this revolution down and keep traditional vehicles ahead for the time being. This will change over time as the infrastructure improves, more models become available and public attitude continues to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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