Convert a Standard PDF File into a PDF/A Format Using PDFBear’s Online Tool


Portable Document Format files or PDF files have been recognized as a universal file format used in everyday electronic work. It provides graphics or an electronic text image that cannot be easily modified. However, this file format is convenient for printing and sharing, making it the preferred solution for dealing with the digital user’s portable document concerns.

But what if you need to convert a PDF document to another file format for your school or work presentation? It is in this situation that PDFBear comes into play. This web-based tool is one of the best converters available on the market today that allows you to convert any PDF file to another format in a matter of seconds. If you need file conversion, keep reading to learn more!

The Difference Between PDF and PDF/A

In converting PDF to PDFA, some people may wonder what a PDF/A is and how its characteristics differ from the standard PDF format. Portable Document Format is an efficient Adobe format in maintaining that documents or files are archived electronically, specifically in printed form or in hard copy, regardless of the channel or device it has been established.

Beyond that, PDF is a document format generally employed, whose primary purpose is to publish digital books. In contrast to PDF, PDF/A is a variation of the PDF format that virtually guarantees that the file can be reproduced the same way, irrespective of which program has been used. PDF/A leaves your file secure, accessible, safe to use, and protected in the long run.

Free And Easy PDF to PDF/A Conversion On PDFBear

With hundreds of online conversion tools on the Internet, PDFBear is one of the most consistent PDF to PDF/A converters out of the competition. While there is an essential technical procedure that you can perform on your own when archiving files in PDF/A format, there are also numerous advantages to using a specific tool designed to assist in the process.

By converting your files to PDF/A format with PDFBear services, the application ensures that the document is user-friendly and available through various operating systems, platforms, and web browsers. With the progress expended by PDFBear, it guarantees that they meet their core objective of providing production efficiency to their consumers.

How to Transform Any PDF Files Through PDFBear

Turning any portable files via PDFBear features is a seamless and direct process. To guide you towards its accessibility and efficiency, PDFBear only takes about a minute to convert a PDF document to a PDF/A format with accuracy. PDFBear only requires its users to follow its four-way procedure, and the results will appear within a maximum of one minute.

Besides, PDFBear also establishes a pre-loading function to enhance clients’ conversion performance when using their services. The straightforward approach to the page helps prevent any hesitation in transforming the user’s files.

  1. The first move to turn your portable document to PDF/A is to start the PDFBear page on your search tab. When the program is running, prepare the documents that need to be converted.
  2. Next step, a range of sets will pop up in which you can choose the best option that matches your preferences when converting your documents, and after, you can now simply drag the files to the toolbox.
  3. Once the files have been transmitted, wait until the operation is over. The procedure usually takes up to a maximum of one minute to entirely modify the documents.
  4. At the end of the conversion process, on your Download Page browser, track your newly converted PDF/A record and store it in your space.

Proficient PDF Management

To manage your files quickly, you must also consider that the services available in PDFBear are not limited to converting PDF to PDF/A only. You might wonder how a particular program has so many tools to choose from for free? Of course, each individual’s needs are the main objective of PDFBear, so the page caters to all users’ PDF concerns.

Moreover, the features accessible on the PDFBear web page are the conversion of PowerPoint, JPG, Excel, Word, PNG. You can be assured that PDFBear has constructed excellent protection established to aid your files and documents and put a stop to any unauthorized access or potential theft and plagiarism.

Document Integrity and Protected Privacy 

All documents used by individuals in day-to-day work and school presentations are considered confidential. As a result, some digital consumers who intend to convert their portable documents are unwilling to implement a web-based program. PDFBear, on the other hand, controls attributes to ensure that the files sent to the system are relatively protected.

PDFBear clients do not need to overthink their documents’ security, as the page will always extract files once the conversion has been completed or the resources have been used. Thus, the website is sensitive to the security of its customers’ information. They are also subject to the Data Privacy Act to ensure that they give protection their top priority.

Cross-Browser And Multi-Platform Compatibility

The range of capabilities of PDFBear is not limited or restricted to a single platform. The page is generally accepted for obtaining output compatibility assets with numerous types of operating systems and security steps. Besides, Android and Apple users can also use PDFBear services, as the page’s objective basis is to provide a flexible process.

If you ever stumble on an operating system that doesn’t support a conversion process, PDFBear is the right choice as an alternative. You cannot only convert any files, but you can also change formats that are compatible with your device. There are a handful of online materials, but you need to choose the tools to meet your needs.


Taking the time to learn how to optimize PDF files these days is highly recommended as remote work is on the rise since everyone is going online. With that, make use of the PDFBear conversion tool to assist you with your PDF complications. Reading the above benefits and tips is an excellent starter to level up your portable document efficiency.

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