Who are crypto hunters and how to ensure you never lose access to your crypto wallet when VeChain price is on the rise?


Nothing hurts more than when you notice the VeChain price is on the rise, only for you to lose your wallet keys. Luckily, whenever you find yourself in this position, it doesn’t always have to be heartbreaking. If you lose your crypto coins or wallet keys, you can always contact a crypto hunter or a crypto hypnotist to help you recover lost coins. However, for this post, we will be looking at the former. Also in this article, you’d get to learn some safety recommendations you should take into consideration to avoid being scammed or your coins from being stolen.

Who are cryptohunters? 

In simple words, cryptohunters are professionals who you contact to help you recover lost or stolen cryptocurrencies. For example, if the VeChain price increases and you want to sell it, but lose access to your wallet, a crypto hunter can come in handy. Generally, most crypto hunters are computer programmers who understand the ins and outs of how cryptography works. So, when you lose your coins or your coin was stolen, they can get behind the system to understand what happened.

Note, that for them to access your crypto wallet, they will still need to get some information from you. With this information, they can then incorporate it with their multiple programs and devices to carry out their work. The cost of hiring a crypto hunter largely depends on the size of coin you want to recover. Sometimes they charge you a percentage of the total coin they recover.

Safety measures to take to protect your crypto coins or wallet keys 

Why wait for the VeChain price or any other cryptocurrency price to increase before you protect it? You can save yourself the hassle of losing your coins in the first place with the following safety measures.

Use a cold wallet 

One of the safest ways to protect your crypto coins like VeChain before VeChain price increases are to make use of a cold wallet. A cold wallet is a type of wallet that saves your coins offline. This means that your coins are not connected to the internet. A cold wallet can also be called a hardware wallet and to use it, you need to physically plug it into a computer and use specialized software before you can access your coins. The advantage of using a cold wallet is that it protects your coins from hacking since it is neither connected to your computer nor the internet.

Use a secure internet

Another measure you can take to protect your coins is to ensure whatever internet connection you use is secure. Hackers can steal your crypto wallet information thus gaining access to your crypto wallet and stealing your coins. Hence it is recommended not to make use of public Wi-Fi networks when making crypto transactions. And as an added layer of security, when you want to access your home network, use a VPN to change your address and location, this will help keep your browsing activity private and safe.

Maintain multiple wallets

You can protect your coins by storing them in multiple wallets. Yes, you can create as many crypto wallets as you want. Hence, since you have this luxury, it is wise to not store all your eggs in one basket. When you have multiple crypto wallets, you can choose to have one for daily transactions, while you keep the rest in a separate wallet. You can even decide to have one for VeChain and one for Bitcoin and so on. So, when the VeChain price rises, you can easily send it to your wallet for a transaction and make a sale without exposing the wallet you use for storing your coins.

Secure your devices

Another thing you can do to secure your crypto coin like VeChain before the VeChain price increases is to secure your device. Hackers can steal coins by hacking your device. However, if you protect your device by using the latest antivirus, you can defend against malware that can render your device vulnerable. You can also use a firewall to protect your device from hackers taking control over your device.

Change your passwords regularly

Lastly, we recommend changing your wallet password regularly. Do not use the same password on all your devices and accounts. This will help protect you if your password is compromised. When setting a new password, ensure it is strong, complex, and difficult to guess. And if you have multiple wallets use different passwords for each wallet. You can also choose to enable 2FA (a two-factor authenticator) for added security.

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