Drifts to know about Email Marketing in 2021


Email marketing started many years ago and is around four decades old. A man called Gary Thuerk became the first person to send a marketing email that helped promote Digital Equipment Corporation to a large number of people who were roughly around 400. The email sent by Gary opened a new avenue to increase email marketing.

Email remains to be the strongest way of selling a company’s products and services to the outside world because the world has shifted to be a digital society and also due to the Covid-19 pandemic rise. It is noted that as we know that with the development of the pandemic, people began to spend more time on computers, for example, students such as studying for marketers were taught remotely and generally did everything remotely, such as ordering essays or term papers on Mycustomessay.com. Many marketers have reported thriving ROI through carrying out their campaigns using email marketing. A research carried out by Seventh Sense indicates that about half of those who participated in research have plans to use emails to hook up with their prospective buyers due to the presence of the Covid-19 outbreak.

HubSpot reported that email marketers increased their emails by 27% in this period of coronavirus than what they sent pre-coronavirus. Data released by LiveIntent Marketing platform revealed engagement in email newsletters has grown in this pandemic period, with newsletters gains going higher to cover shopping, hard news, and finances. If you are looking for a way to grab bulk email ids then we recommend you try this email scraper tool.

Statistics on Email Marketing 

Email marketing is promising and works in terms of advanced ROI, brand loyalties, and customer engagement from time to time. Some statistics reveal tremendous email performance in the recent situation; let’s take a look at them.

Marketers who employed segmented campaigns noted an increase of more than 760% in revenue. (2019 research by Campaign Monitor)

Email engagement has been observed to increase at a period of 12 months by 78% of the marketers (2020 research by Not Another State of Marketing).

Email newsletters have been reported to be the finest way for nurturing leads, by about 31% of marketers working in B2B (2020 research by Content Marketing Institute)

A large number of business professionals, about 80%, believe email marketing increases the retention of customers to a greater extent. (2018 research by Emarsys)

59% of the people who participated in the research reported that marketing emails played a big role in swaying their purchasing decisions. (2018 research by SaleCycle)

59% of salespersons report email marketing to be their greatest contribution to ROI. (2018 research by Emma)

Email marketing produces a $32 Return on Investment for a single dollar spent. (research by Oberlo)

Direct traffic, social media, and search have lower rates of conversion than email conversion rates. (research by Smart Insights)

81% of ventures report emails driving the acquisition of customers and an 80% customer retention rate. (research by Emarsys)

Shoppers spend 138% to make their purchases as a result of email marketing. (research by Disruptive Advertising)

Salespersons want to increase personalization

Marketers have cited the capacity of personalizing emails to be an area that requires some improvements, as indicated by 66% of vendors in research by eConsultancy and Upland Adestra.

Incorporating data is still the greatest challenge for companies trying to employ personalization. The research is according to 51% of the interviewees. Personalized emails have proven to be the most effective medium but also the most difficult method to deploy. Personalization is a very important element of email marketing because the recipient of the letter wants to see your interest and interest in his site or, for example, to himself as a person. For example, to a student who asks to write my essay for me, although to get a unique and beautiful work, it is important to him that it be written for him and on his behalf.


Email marketers can easily incorporate the use of programmed email journeys into email strategies of their own. Email marketing has since passed the taste of time because of the increased sales of products by different companies.

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