4 essential accessories you should use with your Mac


Using a Mac in any of its versions, or facing the purchase of one is always good news. it is an instrument that greatly enhances productivity. And once we have it at home or in our workplace and bought a laptop angle stand, we always ask ourselves the same question, what now?

Well, the best thing is always to choose some good accessories to complete the already incredible computer. The 4 that I have selected are perhaps, in my opinion, the true essentials that must not be lacking yes or yes. So I can only recommend them to you, they are more than proven and if they appear on this list, it is for something.

USB-C to MagSafe adapter

The advantage of the old magnetic connection was to prevent your computer from ending up on the ground if you got tangled in the cable and you accidentally pulled on it. Current Macs have the USB-C connection, which although it is a standard, is still dangerous if you have a tendency to be somewhat careless. With this accessory you regain security, one end connects to the computer, and the other to the cable. If you need a long one, the usb c cable 10 ft and this best usb-c docking station should be considered.

Keyboard protector

Probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. Another best purchase I made was the usb 3.0 hub with long cable. You cannot even imagine the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate on the keys, and what is worse, that it passes inside the computer. The moment I bought my current MacBook, it was right out of the box and put this protector on it. It is very thin, so it does not add a feeling of fattening the keyboard or reducing sensitivity or response to the keys.

Its price is very attractive, and it is enough to remove it from time to time and wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the remains of dust. Once installed, it neither moves nor feels bad at all. It is a more than justified purchase that is totally worth it.

Magic Mouse

I think there is currently nothing like it on the market, although to tell the truth, its price is somewhat high. But you can buy it now for 70 dollars. Yes, the outlay is high. But think about what you have already paid for your Mac and the amount of service time that this mouse will give you without question. The battery life is huge, I think I charge it once a month or even less and it is very resistant to drops and bumps. A spectacular design, pure ergonomics and light weight make it the ultimate purchase.

Plastic sleeve

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t reach 15 dollars, don’t even think about it. Its keys are, in addition to a reduced price, the fact of not breaking excessively with the aesthetics of your computer and giving it protection against scratches. A Mac can be easily marked, it occurs to me that you rub it with some metallic object such as the zipper of a backpack or keys.

Honestly, you need to deal with other accessories but the 4 above are enough for any beginner.

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