Four Most Popular Online Casino Games


The huge library of casino games is one of the best advantages of online casino sites as people can easily find the game that suits them perfectly. If you’re the type that prefers games that are based purely on luck or competitive games that requires the use of strategy and skills, there are hundreds of them available to play. In this article, we will be listing five casino games that have gained huge popularity in the last decade. Sit back.


According to there are three kinds of poker games known to all gamblers; Live Poker, Electronic Poker, and Video Poker. According to research on the popularity of online casino games, poker games takes over 20% of all table games. It also confirms that the popularity of poker games is continuously on a rise in the online casino world.

The most popular variations of poker are Pai-Gaw Poker, Let Em-Ride and three-card poker. Poker doesn’t lag behind when it comes to rewarding players, and players can also place bets on progressive jackpots to make it even more exciting for gamblers.


Research has it that Roulette is one of the top three most popular games being played in the live casino in Canada in the last few years. There is an estimate of 24% of online casino players that prefers to play Roulette over other kinds of casino games. It is generous to players when it comes to payouts, which made it a quick favourite for many gamblers. Like poker, it also has a wide range of variations while offering an amazing gaming experience to gamblers.

Roulette introduction to live casinos played a huge role in the increase in popularity, as gamblers can now choose to play with the live dealer or the house. Although several casinos will offer multiple betting options in the game like the famous street bet, split bet and corner bet, outstanding skills will be required to claim to win against the game.

Online Slots

Even if you’re not a gambler, you should have heard of slot machines. They can be found in every single land-based casino, a casino can’t be complete without the inclusion of slots. Slots are the most popular type of casino games in online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments. Its popularity could be said to have stemmed from its simplistic design, ease to play, and it is generous in rewarding players.

Some of these slots come with progressive jackpots with rewards that could accumulate to hundreds of thousands. Are you a football fan, there are hundreds of football-themed slot games available on the internet, or you a basketball, cricket, tennis or even a food lover? There are all kinds of slot themes available to gamblers on the internet.


Baccarat is said to be the fifth most popular type of game being played online. It is a popular card game that sees a comparison between the player’s hand and the banker’s hand. This game is most popular among gamblers in Canada, and it also has different variations. For example, its variation, Punto Banco, is popularly known among gamblers in Australia, United Kingdom, Macau and the United States. And just like slots, this game depends on luck, there is no need for strategies.

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