Impact of Esports on Casino Games


Recent years could easily be called “The New Era” of esports. With the rise of mobile gaming, the industry and its potential are uncovering with a totally different narrative. Already, in 2020 global revenue from mobile esports has outperformed PC and console revenues combined. More accessible and more social than ever before, “mobile” is changing the face of esports and casinos. But what are the driving factors to the successful development of the industry? We can quickly outline technological development as a whole, our civilization’s acceptance of a gadget in everyday life, and the will to explore. The most important factors driving this industry forward are listed below.

The Money Factor

While gamers no longer need to have an expensive “playing station”, mobile device producers are fighting for the place of best mobile game platform providers. An important factor, but not the only one. With many game developers providing their products for “free”, it doesn’t really come that free for the end-users. Developers would generate extreme profits from individual looks in the game, and abilities that players can buy within the game but for real money. But, apart from that, there is a way to provide truly free gaming, and that is with “advertising”.

To be more precise – advertising sponsorship. Today, with active online casino sponsorship, game producers are able to gain excessive profits and focus solely on developing greater and more available apps for average users accumulating money from the outside. A great stimulus effect for the whole industry. With more casinos going online, the advertising industry is thriving within and so are game developers. These two industries are standing really close at backing each other in everyday growth.

Socializing Effect of Online Games

Mobile gaming is not only about the game. One of the major factors apart from competition and relaxation is socializing. Yes – “socializing”. The majority of the respondents in a survey about reasons for playing mobile provide such an answer. While it is more common to a group of age under 30 years, generations grow older and the ability to meet up with new people while playing will become a significant factor for gaming in the future. With many experienced players all around the world both in esports and casino games, it can become difficult for the inexperienced ones to make a start. So, we’ve made a list of online casinos, which you can see here, that will help you get your Free Spins going with no extra fuss. Find the site that suits you best.

The casino industry has gone a long way in its development and offers a lot for an individual ready to accept. There are lots of gifts offered like: deposit bonus, free spins, reload bonus, cashback bonus and probably the most satisfying “The Welcome Bonus”. Experienced players can find their new favorites at this online slot games best casino list.

The future of Online Casinos

Communication is an important aspect of every person’s day-to-day life. That’s why gaming is trying to provide its users with the most possible means for it. It is clear that the future of gaming, both esports and casinos is online. How are esports affecting casinos? The answer is quite simple. With the rise of such mobile games as PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Monster Strike, Clash of Clans, and this list can go on forever, advertising inside the games is a big thing. One of the main biggest advertisers of the industry are online casinos. Even though not all casino games can be categorized as esports, many of them are a big part of the gaming industry, providing leisure and socialization for its users recreationally and professionally.

With the mobile user’s being the biggest audience of these advertising campaigns, it becomes obvious that a player wants to transition from one mobile platform to another, without the need to change their device or adapt to a PC version. This natural need has stimulated online casino apps development. Creation of applications that are easy to use, available 24/7, and could be accessed without the need of getting off one’s couch.

Development of 5G

Implementation of a new network standard into our daily life will bring more online than we ever imagined. Socializing worldwide in gameplay using only our mobile devices. Imagine using VR glasses to walk through an online casino and play your favorite game. What would it be like to play Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, etc., with thousands of other players around you? But, what is most important, you’ll be able to have a chat, maybe roll the dice together, being on different sides of the planet at the same time.

Progress is an interesting thing. Only a couple of decades ago, you needed to be physically present in a casino. And there also had to be room for you in that casino, as for, it has a maximum capacity. While the present requires only enough server capacity to fit everybody in.

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