Steps To Take If You Have Legal Concerns About A construction Project


Hiring a Construction Attorney Lowers Risky Issues

As a business owner or a homeowner, you may have hired a construction company to complete a construction project. Projects of this type are not an everyday expense. Construction projects of various degrees can be expensive, so your main goal is safety during and after the completion of your project and making sure the project is completed correctly.

Suppose there is ever a time when you second-guessed your construction team and have legal concerns about your project; never hesitate to call this attorney to take the correct legal steps to rectify those legal concerns. The safety of your family, guests, business associates, clients, employees, and visitors is of the utmost respect.

Before construction starts, you need to meet with the construction crew leader and identify the unique safety hazards or risks that pertain to your project. Every project presents different risks. Placing these risks in front of your project helps everyone manage those potential risks.

Fundamental Legal Construction Issues within Your Contract

  • Scope of the project
  • The price of the project
  • Time constraints
  • Warranties
  • Plan review by the contractor
  • Construction specifications related to the project site
  • Bargaining
  • Unforeseen conditions
  • Who carries the risk?
  • Forced events

A seasoned, skilled contractor, such as seen in the construction law firm of Dickinson and Frohlich, represents many people in the following services.

  • Environmental disputes
  • Contractor negligence disputes
  • Help to format a construction company
  • Drafts business contracts for construction companies
  • Draft contracts for construction projects
  • Enter into disputes with general contractors
  • Payment disputes
  • Payroll disputes
  • Construction payment disputes
  • Defective design disputes
  • Handle construction collections
  • Handle claims against a Bond
  • Lien Claims
  • Construction dispute resolution
  • Construction litigation
  • Handle other legal issues related to construction

Depending on the construction and unresolved construction issues, either the property owner or the contractor will likely decide to pursue litigation. Each construction project is uniquely different. As a business owner, you must weigh the possible risks to your company and be alert to the fact that risks can materialize.

This attorney is an expert at representing clients and their construction projects. This attorney handles construction projects and the contracts needed before the contractor starts the project. This attorney is an expert on contracts and disputes involving technical law.

Never wait until a risk materializes to retain legal counsel and consult with a highly skilled construction lawyer to litigate your issues. Never try to represent yourself in a litigation suit. These suits are complicated and complex.

Construction projects are an exciting time. Projects of this sort mean that things are going well in the financial realm. Projects of this type indicate that a substantial amount of money is at stake in the project.

You want things to go smoothly and safely. Legal issues may never arise during and after the project. Ideally, no problems occur. However, you need to prepare and be ready if your projects do not go the way you intended. Your first step is to hire an experienced construction attorney.

Because of the cost of construction projects, you want to make sure that construction for the business owner means that their company is expanding and doing well with profits. These projects increase the value of the company.

A homeowner hiring a construction company to complete a project on the home means that the owner is increasing their property value and curb appeal should they decide to sell.

Hire a Leader in Construction Attorneys

Dickson/Frohlich is a seasoned and skilled construction attorney. Their services span a wide range of issues within the construction industry that must be agreed upon by the contractor and the person (s) hiring this contractor. Our attorneys,

  • Review contracts and make sure the contract is well-drafted, cautiously agreed upon, and negotiated. It would be best to have this attorney by your side. These contracts are complex and challenging to understand due to all the legal jargon.
  • We will go to court for you as a last resort.
  • Explores dispute resolutions such as through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation in court.
  • We represent you if you are involved in a construction dispute and loss of funds.
  • We handle commercial and residential property owners.
  • We hire general contractors, subcontractors, builders, engineers, material suppliers, and more.
  • Help to prevent disputes from taking shape
  • Easily resolves issues

The best advice we can give you is not to rush into a construction project and take the necessary steps to protect your rights as a property owner. When you rush into signing contracts and hiring a seasoned construction company, you could see a high level of costly losses and legal liability. We work hard to represent you in residential or commercial construction projects.

  • Be confident that an agreement works well for you and your contractor in regard to the work, timelines, payment options, and liens.
  • Always present your construction project agreement to your legal counsel for review and wait for the attorney to give you the go-ahead to sign any contract.
  • Your attorney can identify unfair statements in the contract.
  •  We highly recommend that you take photos during the construction and document the progress.
  • Embrace organization.
  • Make sure the contractor’s license is in place and not expired.
  • Be aware of possible delays to the project.
  • We represent you in breach of contract claims.
  • We make sure you are paid what you are owed, and you suffer no financial losses.
  • Construction projects must abide by relevant laws and regulations in Washington State.
  • We stay by your side and help you avoid unnecessary economic losses.
  • It allows you to avoid legal liability at every corner.
  • Help you through disputes, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
  • Understand many types of disputes and conflicts during the project.
  • Resolve issues efficiently.
  • Help to prevent disputes from taking shape.

A Call to Action for Assistance with Construction Forms 

We highly recommend during this time a quick get-a-way during the construction job in Seattle, Tacoma, and surrounding areas. Give us a call today and consult with a highly skilled construction lawyer. Access our website for more information.

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