Where to Look to Find Instagram Influencers


Need to find Instagram influencers for your marketing campaigns? Unsure of where or how to actually start that process? We’ve got you covered. This article will lay out everything you need to know about finding Instagram influencers.

What to keep in mind while searching for influencers

Before we get into where to find Instagram influencers, we first have to touch on what you should be looking out for while you conduct your search.

First, define your campaign objectives before you start looking for influencers. Know what you want to achieve, who your target audience is, and which key performance indicators you plan to use to measure your progress. These will all help guide your influencer search later on.

Once you’re actually searching for influencers, analyze their profile on the surface level and also behind-the-scenes. On the surface level, look at their biography, location, follower count, content category and aesthetic style. Make sure these factors work with your goals.

Finally, pay careful attention to the behind-the-scenes information: their performance-driven metrics. Number of followers isn’t the only important factor when evaluating the effectiveness of an influencer. You also have to analyze:

  • Follower growth evolution – How did they accumulate their followers over time? Organic growth is slow and steady; bought followers usually appear as sudden spikes.
  • Engagement rate – What is the level of interaction between an influencer and their audience? Engagement varies based on social network and number of followers, so know the industry averages.
  • Audience demographics – Does the influencer’s audience help you hit your target audience? Assess their audience’s age, gender, interests, language and location.
  • Audience authenticity – What percentage of an influencer’s audience might be bots? Fake followers aren’t interested in your brand, so avoid marketing to them.

A visualization of follower growth over time.

instagram influencer stats

Have these various elements in mind when evaluating the influencers you come across in your search.

Where to find Instagram influencers

There are a few places you can find Instagram influencers. Let’s run through three of them.

In your followers, comments/likes, mentions and branded hashtags

Starting directly on Instagram, look at the people who are already interested in your brand. Some of them may be influencers that fit the profile for your campaign. As they’re already fans, it’s more likely that they will be receptive to collaborations. Further, they might be more enthusiastic about your brand and products when creating their content.

Search through your followers, and scan the accounts that like or comment on your brand’s posts. Also, take a look at the mentions of your brand. You should be notified when a user mentions you, so see if any of them look like influencer material. Finally, assess any content that has been tagged with branded hashtags you invite your fans to use.

Belgian fashion influencer @shaunycuypers mentioned ecommerce @asos in this post. 

find micro influencers

As a note, remember that gone are the days of needing millions of followers to be considered an influencer. A micro influencer with 10K followers could be perfect for your needs.

In the content feeds for hashtags related to your brand or industry

Another place to look for influencers on Instagram is in the content feeds for hashtags related to your brand or industry. Maybe there are influencers who haven’t interacted with your brand directly, but who are interested in brands that offer similar products or your industry in general.

Create a list of hashtags that your brand uses or that are relevant, and have a look at the content that utilizes them. Look for content that matches the style you want to emulate in your campaign. Then, for that content, analyze the influencer’s profile to see if they look up to speed for what you need.

On an influencer marketing platform

An influencer marketing platform requires an investment, as you need to subscribe. However, your influencer search becomes much easier once you let AI do the heavy lifting.

This type of platform lets you search for influencers with various filters. So if you want to find a fashion influencer in New York who has between 10-50K followers and high engagement, you can search for only those influencers who fulfill those requirements.

A screenshot of an influencer marketing platform with some search filters activated.

heepsy dashboard

After results are returned, the platform then provides analytics on the influencer’s profile. You’ll be able to see the performance-driven metrics we mentioned above without having to extract the information manually from Instagram. This saves time and effort that you can devote elsewhere.


If you need to find influencers for Instagram campaigns, you have options. You could search directly on Instagram and extract information to analyze. Or, you could invest in an influencer marketing platform to let AI power your analysis. The choice is yours, but whatever you do, make sure you start your search knowing what you need to look out for.

Author Bio: Kate works on the Marketing team at Heepsy, an influencer marketing platform that helps you find the perfect Instagram and Youtube influencers for your campaigns.

Conflicts of interest: Author works at an influencer marketing platform, so the last paragraph could potentially appear to be a conflict of interest. However, it’s written in an informative way to explain to readers how such software works, not to try to sell them our specific product.

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