Use Multiple Sportsbooks This Football Season


College football and the NFL season are in full swing. Learn this important tip for betting this year. Football season is back and in full swing! The offseason is such a long and mind-numbing time period it may drive one to insanity. Well, don’t worry, friend, you made it! With games running Thursday-Monday, you’re looking to get more excitement in the games and have thought to try sports betting! Welcome to the club!

If you are new to sports betting, you may be left feeling confused by all the new information coming at you. If you’ve been scrolling NCAAF odds on multiple sportsbooks and don’t know which one to use if this sounds like you, this article is for you! Today I’m going to break down the benefits of using multiple sportsbooks so that this football season, you come out on top!

Sign Up Bonuses

You’ve seen the ads. It’s impossible in the modern day to watch any live sports without being bombarded with sportsbook ads, each of them offering you an enticing special to try and get you to sign up. Some offers include sportsbooks which will provide you with up to $1,250 in free bets if you lose your first bet. Others may offer $150 in free bets when you bet $5. With tons of deals like this and better, you can see where I’m going with this. There is a ton of free money left on the table for bettors who choose to only bet with one sportsbook.

Even if you don’t plan to use every single sportsbook you sign up for, finding good deals, capitalizing on them, and turning them into free cash is a great way to start building up your bank. Many people will sign up with one sportsbook and continue to bet there after the initial sign-up bonus when they could be doing a lot more betting for free if they just broadened their horizons.

Different Lines

Ever sit there asking yourself if the spread is half a point too high? Ever wish you could get more value on a bet? The lines aren’t a constant across all sportsbooks. A game with a spread of 3.5 may only be 4 somewhere else. There is a tremendous amount of value in that half point. You can now look for your bet to push in a worst-case scenario while still staying at remaining at the same needed outcome for victory.

You may also find different odds across the different sportsbooks. One team’s money line could be +135 for one sportsbook while +140 for another! It’s best to peruse a couple of sportsbooks before placing any bets just to see what you can get. Having access to as many sportsbooks as possible will allow you to find the most bang for your buck!


Each sportsbook has unique partnerships, and different sponsorship deals with different brands. With that comes exclusive specials. Whether it be different parlays with an odds booster or a unique prop bet with good odds, specials are a great way to find lots of value.

If you look hard enough and keep up on the specials, you’ll oftentimes find what I like to call “Easy Props.” Bets in this category include something nearly certain to happen with winning odds. Types of props in this category include Over 1 touchdown or 100 combined rushing yards.

These specials are great because you get cash into your account. I deposit money I intend to withdraw later just to hit the max bet limit and maximize my earnings.  Never be ashamed to utilize easy specials. They’re literally made to give you money, just be smart with your money and withdraw what you deposit with the intention of withdrawing.

Sportsbooks will sometimes also have special deposit offers that match your deposit in free bets. Using this to maximize the mileage of your dollar will help you see improvements in your winnings.

Wrap Up

These have been my tips for anyone wanting to get some action on football games this year. Utilizing multiple sportsbooks will help you find the most value for your dollar while at the same time helping you be more informed with your bet. Good luck and happy betting!

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