PDFBear In A Nutshell: Utilize The PDFBear’s PDF To PDF/A Converter Tool For Long-term Purposes


You may be unfamiliar with PDF/A since the format is less commonly used for digital transactions. However, despite this fact, PDF/A serves essential purposes. Thus, we would like to introduce how this format works, and you can convert your PDF files to PDF/A in the most straightforward procedure.

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized variant of the PDF specializing in the preservation of any digital documents. PDF/A varies from Portable Document Format in terms of prohibiting functionalities that are not appropriate for long-term archiving, including font linking and authentication. If you wish to convert your PDFs to PDF/A, PDFBear offers you a helping hand.

How to use PDFBear to convert your PDFs to PDF/A?

Due to its fast interface and well-provided instructions, you can easily convert your PDF files into PDF/A in just a matter of seconds. The whole PDF to PDFA Converter tool is free. Unlike other resources you can find online, PDFBear doesn’t require you to pay a membership fee.

However, the website also offers a pro edition, and you are free to choose whether you avail of its pro service or utilize the entire system for free. If you have some PDFs on your storage and wish to convert them into PDF/A, follow these instructions indicated.

Drag Your PDF Files To The Website

Upload the PDF files that you would like to convert into PDF/A to the website’s toolbox by clicking the “Select A File” button. You can also open your file manager first, choose the PDFs, and directly drag them to the toolbox.

Let The Toolbox Scan Your Documents

After a few seconds, when your PDFs are already uploaded to the website, let the system scan the documents first before it converts them to PDF/A. The scanning process will be quick as thunder as long as you have a working internet connection.

Click “Convert To PDF/A Now”

When the toolbox already scanned your documents, click the “Convert The To PDF/A Now” button to start converting them, and wait for the task to be finished. The toolbox will convert your PDFs into PDF/A in just a matter of seconds without getting you stressed.

Save Your Newly Converted PDF/A 

After the PDFs have been converted to PDF/A, download your documents to your desktop or save them to your social media accounts by copying the URL provided by the site. The webpage also respects the confidentiality of your content. They will remove all your input data from their system after you’ve used the platform.

Why should you use the website’s PDF to PDF/A converter?

When you use this particular converter from the website, rest assured that you will be given an excellent output at the end of the process. Your newly converted PDF/A file will surely be used for various purposes. Let us give you a  few more reasons why you should utilize this tool.

Values Your Privacy

256-bit Encryption Technology will safeguard your uploaded file. Hence, you shouldn’t have to stress yourself out about a digital privacy outflow. The confidentiality of your content is too essential for the website’s service.

Assures A Quick Procedure

Time is vital. Thus, PDFBear doesn’t want to waste your precious time. Only four simple steps are needed to complete a PDF to PDF/A transformation with the site tool. A slow interface will never be a problem if you have a stable internet connection. It will only take two minutes to experience the entire magic.

Accessible To Various Platforms Or Devices

This is one of the factors that makes the converter a better choice than other online resources. PDFBear supports all types of devices and browsers, from Firefox on your desktop, Safari on your smartphone to Chrome on your iPad. Try and visit them and assure that you can convert your PDFs to PDF/A in the most comfortable way possible.

Utilizes Cloud Conversion

You can instantly save your document to the cloud system on the page. This makes it easy for you to view your documents whenever and wherever you wish. Feel free to utilize their top features without consuming a big storage capacity from your device. There will be no extra software that you have to install. All will take place on their cloud.

If you’re always on the go, PDFBear will be your closest buddy since it supports different devices, such as tablets, cell phones, and desktops. So, when you’re on the street and have to transform a PDF file immediately because your boss asked you to do so, you can visit the website using any of the gadgets you’re currently utilizing.

Unlock Pro Membership For Unlimited Conversion

The converter tool is free to utilize. However, when you have a large number of PDF files that need to be converted to PDF/A in a day, this is the time that you should unlock the pro membership. The pro edition of the tool offers you an unlimited conversion. You can have the full service for only $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

Take a closer look at some of the superb benefits of PDFBear’s pro service. All PDFBear PRO community groups are entitled to convert as many PDFs as they wish. They can also import large files to the server via a special file manager initially created for them.

Are you allowed to cancel your membership anytime?

Yes, you are free to cancel your membership plan anytime you wish. All members may dismiss their subscription within the first thirty days of registration. But once you try the pro service, we are pretty sure that you want to utilize it for long-term purposes.


Without the slightest hesitation, PDFBear offers you the most effective solution to convert your PDF to PDF/A. The website can be your best buddy for your day-to-day basis, mainly when your schedule is too occupied. The service can provide an instant solution to address your concerns. You can join their PRO community members for more benefits.

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