5 Best Phone Tracker Apps for iOS and Android

As parents, you can never be overly cautious. Although many children do not appreciate their parents keeping an eye on them all the time, it is for their own benefit. Since children spend most of their leisure time in front of screens including phones, parents want to ensure they are not engaging in any risky or dangerous behavior that can land them in trouble.
On a similar note, a spouse may not feel right about their partner’s recent withdrawal and sneakiness and may want to monitor their activity including where they go and how much time they spend there. This is where phone tracker apps can come in quite handy and give you the peace of mind you are searching for.

1. mSpy – Best Phone Tracker App

Most tracking apps are quite one-dimensional, but that is not the case with mSpy. Apart from being the best phone tracker app, it is also a complete cellphone monitoring solution, which allows parents, spouses, and employers to keep an eye on their children, partners, and employees at all times. If you want an iOS or Android spy app that can locate your loved ones any time you want, mSpy is the best solution in terms of performance, privacy, and price. You can also use the app to track calls, messages, browsing activity, and keystrokes to acquire all the information you are looking for.
The advanced location-tracking feature of mSpy allows you to use geo-fencing to your advantage. You can specify safe zones to get instant notifications when your child or partner enters or leaves those areas. The app works in the background without raising any suspicions and you can monitor all the activity from a web-based portal.

2. FamiSafe

As the name suggests, this phone tracker app is designed to keep your family safe. It is available on both iPhone and Android phones and uses GPS to keep track of your loved ones all day long. All you need to do is a quick location search from your own device to ensure your child reached school safely on time. The app provides real-time location using geofencing technology.
Moreover, you can also specify safe zones that enable you to receive real-time notifications when your child enters or leaves those zones. The app is protected by a password so only parents and guardians can access it and view where their kids are. It is a complete tracking solution for parents who are concerned about their children. You can also use to block apps, filter the web, and control screen time.

3. Glympse

Another location tracking service, which works seamlessly to give you real-time information about where your children are. The app has a distinct way of functioning which requires you to launch the app, tap on the “New Glympse” button, and send a text or an email to the person you want to locate. The text or email message includes a link, which sends the real-time location on opening.
Although it sounds like a hassle given how tracking apps allow you to locate your children without sending texts and waiting for replies, Glympse works without installing on any app. This means that even if your child’s phone does not have any tracking app, you can track them by sending a text or an email. The app is available on both iOS and Android.
track another mobile device on android

4. Safe 365

Specially designed for parental monitoring, Safe 365 is a bit different from other location-tracking apps. It has a user-friendly interface coupled with basic features that include real-time phone tracking, travel route sharing, and target phone’s battery percentage. This can help parents or guardians to identify whether their child is about to run out of battery and act accordingly, especially in emergency circumstances where the child may be at risk.
The app also offers a panic button, which sends an alert notification to their loved ones sharing GPS location and details of the situation they are in. The app is available on both iOS and Android and can be a great utility for parents who remain concerned about their children’s whereabouts.

5. Life360 Family Locator

Developed with family in mind, Life360 is a feature-rich family-tracking app, which allows you to keep an eye on your family members’ locations along with their location history. The app has a built-in instant messaging which allows you to communicate with other family members. It has an easy to use interface, which means anyone who is not technologically savvy can use the app without any hassle. They can be quite useful if you are going on vacation.
Moreover, there is an advanced feature offered by the app, which informs you about your kids’ location if they get into a vehicle and start traveling to another place. It does not only show where your child is heading but tracks them along the path. Life360 is available on both iOS and Android app stores.

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