Top 7 Apps to Track Child's Phone to Keep Them Safe


Today, our lives have become very dependent on technology. And although it makes our work easy to some extent, there are some downfalls to technology as well.

For instance, mobile phones play an integral part in making our lives easier, but giving it to the kids, who don’t understand a few side-effects of its usage, can at times be quite troublesome. Children might not know the difference between inappropriate and acceptable things.

Be it texts, social media accounts, or website browsing, they may inadvertently do, say, or see something they’re not supposed. In such a setting, keeping an eye on their mobile phone activities with a spyware becomes imperative.

This post reveals the top 7 spyware to track your child’s phone.

Part 1: Spyier – Ultimate Phone Monitoring App

According to us, when it comes to phone monitoring apps, Spyier is the best in the business. The app can come quite handy if you’re looking to monitor an Android or an iOS device in complete secrecy.

Spyier – Ultimate Phone Monitoring App

Tested and reviewed not just by us, but also by numerous giants like Mac World, PC World and The Forbes, Spyier has left several tech-giants pretty amazed with its performance. The solution has been present in the phone spy industry for over a decade and has acquired a dedicated user base all across the globe; 190 countries to be precise!

Spyier comes well equipped with over 35 features. With its expert-like precision and efficiency, it makes hacking into any device a piece of cake. Allow us to show you how you can use Spyier to track child’s phone.

1.1: Spyier lets you keep a hawk’s eye on your child’s mobile phone

When you sign up with Spyier, you get access to a free online dashboard. The dashboard is neatly laid out and has dedicated panels for spying on different aspects of your child’s phone. This is also the place where all the gathered target data is sent to. You can access the dashboard by logging into it from any web-browser.

Call logs, Contact book, SMSs, website browsing history, and media file access are a few of the things Spyier lets you view from your child’s device. And the best part is that you get to do all of this remotely, and without letting your child know that you’re monitoring him/her.

Spyier-eye on your childs mobile phone

The designers behind Spyier have made sure that you make minimum contact with the target device. Thus, Spyier works without the need to jailbreak or root the target device. Plus, no notification is pushed on the target device when the app functions, and thus, everything happens remotely.

When you’re a parent, you’re probably always concerned about your child’s whereabouts. Ensuring they’ve reached home from school safely, for instance, is of utmost importance.

Spyier has you covered there as well, with its 24/7 location tracking feature and a complete 3D street view. You can kick back and relax because tracking your child is now just a click away.

Spyier-eye on your childs mobile phone_1

1.2: Steps to setup Spyier

You can configure Spyier to monitor your child’s phone using these steps:

Step 1: Create a free Spyier account using your email id as the username.

Step 2: Specify the target OS. For iOS, fill in the iCloud credentials to start syncing with the target’s iCloud backup.

Steps to setup Spyier

In the case of an Android target device, you would want to install the Spyier application on it. The app icon can be removed from the application drawer easily, which also sends the app in stealth mode.

Step 3: At the last step you will be presented with a finish installation prompt, where when you hit ‘start’ you can begin phone monitoring through your Spyier dashboard.

To know more about Spyier, check out its free live demo.

Part 2: Hacking a phone with Spyzie

Spyzie, with its impressive feature list, has made its place among the most brilliant phone spy solutions. It has numerous features that can easily get you into a target Android or iOS device. A very intelligent spyware, this app can help you conduct real-time monitoring of your child’s phone without any hassle.

Hacking a phone with Spyzie

Like Spyier, all you need to get Spyzie running is set it up and as instructed. Once done you can start working with Spyzie to keep a constant check on where your child goes, what he/she talks to friends about, and what he/she views online.

Part 3: Getting into a phone using Minspy

Minspy is the best parental phone spy solution. It helps you keep a track of a target device at all times. Like Spyier it also comes with the feature of providing you with 24×7 live GPS location tracking along with a complete 3D street view.

Getting into a phone using Minspy

The tool comes equipped with features like an Android key-logger, and notifies you about any exchanged calls or texts. You also get to access all the multimedia files present on the target device (even the ones exchanged on social media or through SMS).

Part 4: Spyine

Another very able solution, Spyine can get you into a target device within minutes. It has many happy consumers all across the globe, which include home as well as professional users. The aim behind designing the tool was to help the users who aren’t tech-savvy and still want to hack into their children’s device.


Spyine ensures that as you monitor your child’s phone, your identity isn’t compromised. Thus, it works in the background in stealth mode without pushing any real-time notifications to your child. After collecting the required data, Spyine transmits it to your online dashboard where you can easily view it and take appropriate action.

Part 5: Spyic

A leader in the phone monitoring arena, Spyic can help you break into any target iOS or Android phone easily. The app makes use of advanced algorithms to make remote phone tracking possible, but you don’t need to know or understand those algorithms to work with Spyic. It is in fact, very easy to use.


You don’t need to install anything on your computer or your phone to work with Spyic. Only provide the iCloud credentials of your child, or perform a tiny installation on their Android phone to get the app to work.

Part 6: Neatspy

Giving you access to cool features like complete call and SMS track, GPS location track, geo-fence alerts, social media track, and much more, Neatspy ensures that you know everything that’s happening in your children’s life at any time.


Working without the need of human verification or any useless surveys, Neatspy makes stealthy phone monitoring possible 24×7. With this app in tow, you can virtually be with your kids round the clock.

Part 7: ClickFree

You can let go of all worries about your children’s online activity with ClickFree. This brilliant and efficient app makes Android and iOS phone tracking possible and ultra-simple. Working on a simple 3-step approach, Clickfree is your best bet if you need discrete and remote phone tracking.


Equipped with several clever features including call history tracking, website history tracking, GPS location tracking, and social media monitoring, Clickfree allows people the chance to view everything that happens in their children’s lives from a safe distance.

To Conclude

That’s all folks! Those are our top picks for the best apps to track your child’s phone. All these applications are absolutely easy to work with and don’t break your pocket. One purchase of their subscription can grant you access to over 30 unique features.

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