Price predictions btc and monero in 2021


Monero (XMR / BTC) displays the Monero (XMR) rate expressed in the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and shows how much Bitcoin is worth one Monero.

Moneronis a cryptocurrency based on the Crypto Note ring signature algorithm.  Monero is an independent currency that is not a fork of Bitcoin.  To accumulate Monero coins, users use one unique e-wallet address, the key to which only the owner has.  Monero is among the 10 most expensive cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization.  The launch of the cryptocurrency took place in 2014.

 XMR / BTC Risk Warning

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, the first release of which took place in 2009.  Bitcoin is in high demand today.  It can be exchanged through special exchanges for regular money, or used directly as a means of payment.  Bitcoin is accepted by many of the largest online stores and online services.

Cryptocurrency quotes are not regulated by any authorities and depend on natural supply and demand.

 Investment Opportunities

The cost of Bitcoin and Monero is determined by exchanges and depends on the popularity of using cryptocurrencies in settlements and investments.  More active dynamics of the price of Monero over Bitcoin will contribute to the growth of the XMR / BTC rate.  The outpacing of the growth rates of Bitcoin over the growth rates of Monero will lead to a decrease in the BTC to XMR exchange.

 How to buy and sell XMR / BTC?

To easily buy or sell XMR / BTC, you must have one of the indicated currencies and use specialized exchanges.  However, it is better to use a broker and trading platforms to earn money on changing its value.  For example:

  •  Metatrader 4;
  •  Libertex.

These platforms make trades easier and allow for leverage.

Bitcoin is the mother of all the bubbles – this is how the first cryptocurrency was dubbed by analysts at Bank of America.  In particular, Michael Hartnett explains the growth of bitcoin as a “violent inflationary action” by the Fed.  The main inflation indicator, the CPI, is imprecise because the methodology for calculating it is “politically motivated”.

But Bitcoin’s rise is just a symptom of a common problem.  Social inequality has worsened in the 21st century, and the value of US financial assets is six times the size of GDP.  When a critical moment is reached, a tear will occur, and the Bitcoin bubble will burst.

It sounds ominous, but the cryptocurrency prophesied about the same thing in 2017.  Then it was compared to the tulip fever of the 17th century in Holland.  However, the forecast for Bitcoin did not come true.

The cryptocurrency pairs discussed in this material have a fairly dynamic relationship.  Sometimes they move in tandem, and sometimes they move in completely opposite directions.

In certain cases, the market creates situations where many cryptocurrencies simultaneously start moving up or down, depending on the events taking place, while in other situations, the same cryptocurrency pairs show minimal price correlation or its complete absence.

The cryptocurrency space is becoming more and more developed and some digital assets participating in the formation of this market may well show progress, for example, occupying narrow niches, which over time will lead to a change in trends in their pricing.  If such cryptocurrencies manage to stand out and attract the attention of traders, then their relationship with bitcoin can significantly weaken over time.

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