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Browsing the internet has become a pain for most people these days. The intrusive ads, the constant notifications, bots and other pop ups make the browsing experience very difficult. On top of that, there are several cookies and other software that constantly track your movement. This creates a very frustrating experience for the users and drives them away from a website instead of bringing them closer to it.

Tabs are the new headache

It is impossible to be browsing the web and keeping just one tab open. You may want to keep on tab open for Facebook and another one for reading a new article about sports. One tab could connect you with your workplace while another is just to relax when the going gets tough. However, if you ever check the number of tabs open in your browser, you will find some unwanted websites open as well. These tabs often eat your precious computing resources, put a burden on your PC and also makes your browser slow.
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Ideally, these tabs could be opened automatically by some websites, when you accidentally click on a harmless-looking link or image. Some tabs are also opened by advertisements running on different websites. These new, unauthorized tabs could collect information about you, set up cookies on your browser and also create a burden on your computing resources.

Is there a solution to this problem?

The easiest way to get rid of unauthorized tabs and ensure that you don’t face such problems in the future is to install AdLock. This simple step will help you in blocking all pop-ups, ads and malware from your browser. A large number of unauthorized tabs opening on the platform use small scripts designed for Google Chrome that cannot be easily detected by a regular antivirus software. For this, you need a specialized program like AdLock.
AdLock is available as a Google Chrome extension which prevents the malfunctioning scripts from loading on your browser. This helps in keeping your browser in perfect condition, doesn’t burden your limited resources and ensures that your internet connection speed is also good.

How to install and run AdLock?

To run AdLock on your browser, simply visit the Google Chrome Web Store and search for AdLock. You will find the AdLock extension in the results. Click to install on your browser. Once done, the extension will automatically ensure that no extra pop-ups open on your system. The interface of the extension is very easy to use and allows you to adjust the settings for every website you visit. You can also whitelist some websites so that you don’t miss important messages that may often appear as pop-ups.
The extension will also provide you reports on how many ads and pop ups were blocked on a particular website. In the settings of the extension, you will also be able to toggle filters used for ad and malware protection and customize how to visit the internet and interact with ads and pop-ups online.
AdLock will run comfortably in the background without impacting your browser’s performance and ensure that no unwanted tabs are opened.
Best practices while using AdLock
While AdLock is a great solution for ensuring that your browsing remains safe of any unauthored tabs and intrusive ads, it is important to follow some best practices which could improve your browser performance considerably.
Clear cookies regularly
Make sure that you keep clearing cookies from your browser on a regular basis. This helps in keep Chrome clean and improves your performance further. It also ensures that even your trusted, whitelisted websites are not able to send tracking cookies to your browser.
Keep your browser updated
For the best browsing experience, it is vital to keep your browser updated to the latest version. Doing this allows you to the get the best Chrome experience. The browser frequently makes bug fixes and adds anti-malware features that could make it safer to visit different websites.
If you follow these practices and have AdLock installed on your browser, you don’t have to worry about getting spied on or compromising with your privacy online. So, go ahead and install AdLock now. It is completely free!

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