How to reduce your home insurance with better security


Home insurance can be a costly investment, particularly if you own expensive items like family heirlooms.

There’s plenty of ways to reduce your home insurance. Shopping around and switching suppliers for example is the most common way people make savings. But there’s another way you can reduce your home insurance with every provider. And that improves the safety of your home.

Insurers base the premiums on the perceived risk your home presents, for example, would it be easy for someone to break in? By securing your home properly, you can drastically reduce the costs of your home insurance and save money in the long run.

Here are a few security measures you can install to reduce your home insurance.

Install CCTV around your home 

CCTV used to be something you only used on commercial properties. But there are now great options for domestic use, so you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re out. If there’s a chance they’ll be caught on camera, burglars will be less likely to target your home.

Many insurers will often reward this reduced crime risk, as it’s less likely you’ll need to claim.  This means you’ll have a much lower insurance premium.  A lot of cameras now connect to your smartphone, so you can see a live stream of what’s happening near your house at all times. Some also allow you to talk to people at your front door, to show people you can see everything.

Keep your doors and windows secure with locks

It may seem simple, but having good-quality locks on your doors and windows can greatly increase the security of your home.

For home insurance quotes, you need to make sure all the locks in your house are up to British Standards.

Older windows often have marks to show the type of lock you have, but if not, it’s worth getting the professionals in to find out.

With windows, make sure they’re all shut overnight and locked if you have a key lock for them.

Have an alarm fitted

Again, burglar alarms are visible to potential criminals.

This makes burglaries less likely, and makes you and your neighbors aware of any unwanted visitors.

Make sure you put the alarm on overnight and when you’re out of the house.

Ever thought about having a home safe?

Having a safe in your home is a great way to store your valuables.

You can get various sizes to fit your possessions in, whether it’s important documents or family heirlooms.

Securikey safes have a wide range of safes to choose from.

They’re easy to install and have been tested and approved to high standards, promising ultimate security.

Their Mini Vault series and Eurograde 1015 has made them one of the most popular safe suppliers on the market.

Securikey safes are fitted with electronic, combination, padlocking or key locks, so you’re guaranteed to find something for you.

Get motion sensor lights

When you’re thinking about putting extra security measures in places, it’s all having things that act as deterrents and show burglars they’ll struggle to get into your home and get caught.

If someone was trying to get into your home and saw a light go on as they walked up the path, it looks like someone has seen them and turned on the light to get a closer look.

Although a lot of people now have motion sensor lights, people wouldn’t want to take the risk.

Investing in security measures can save you money in the long run

As mentioned above, many security measures available act as deterrents to unwanted visitors.

Over time, your insurance providers will recognise the effort you’ve gone to and reward you with lower premiums.

Although it’ll cost you to have them installed, having these measures in place will save you money in the long run.

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