How to save money on a new pet


If you’re planning on getting a new pet, you’ll probably be wrapped up in the excitement and anticipation of your new arrival.

Since committing to a new pet can be expensive, you should ensure sure you can cope financially before making the big decision. With a clear plan in place, you could also save money by following some simple tips.

Adopt, don’t shop

After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, more people impulsively bought new pets. Sadly, this led to many perfectly healthy animals needing new homes.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, more than three million households have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. This led to a 35% increase in calls related to giving up dogs in the weeks following the easing of restrictions.

By adopting through an organization such as The Dogs Trust, you could not only save paying extortionate prices for a pedigree pup but would also be giving an equally deserving dog a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

Be smart with food

Adding pet food to the weekly shop could become quite expensive, especially if you’re interested in buying only the highest quality for your pet.

However, you could get creative and prepare homemade snacks for your little bundle of joy. Why not try a recipe for a delicious meaty stuffing for a chew toy?

Buying pet food in bulk directly from a wholesaler might also save you money in the long run instead of waiting for one-off deals in the supermarket.

Buy sturdy supplies

Even though this might mean having to pay a bit more at first, buying high-quality products will prevent you from having to change them every few months.

A solid, strong bed or chew toy will not be easily torn apart by your pet. You could even choose designs that complement the interior of your home.

Do it yourself

If you’re feeling creative, why not see if you have any spare rough materials kicking around to make a scratching post for your cat? You’d need to provide a hard cylindrical base for underneath, and this could be easily covered with a section of hessian, for example.

You could also save money by reading books on how to care for or train your pet. There’s plenty of information available at your local book shop – give Cesar’s Way a try to see if you could become the next Dog Whisperer.

Perhaps you’d like to learn how to groom your pet properly. This could be a worthwhile investment of your time, saving money on trips to professional groomers.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, you could save money – and have fun in the process!

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