5 Steps to Take After Your Car Accident in Missouri


As per the latest stats, there were around 986 fatal vehicle collisions in Missouri in 2020. Having a car accident is stressful and can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. You may feel like your life is in shambles, but there are steps you can take to recover from the situation and minimize damages. It’s vital to consult with experienced Missouri car accident attorneys as soon as you can. These five steps will help you get back on track:

Call for Help (As Soon as Possible) 

If you are in a car or other automobile accident in Missouri, whether you are at fault or not, it is essential to call for legal help as soon as possible. This point may seem obvious, but many people get so caught up in the aftermath that they don’t realize how serious an issue they have on their hands until it’s too late.

An accident can result in injury or death, but it can also cause expensive property damage. Either way, you should call for help as soon as possible after an accident.

Take Photos of the Damage to Your Vehicles

Another critical step is to take photos of your vehicle before leaving the accident scene. This step will help prove how damaged your car was after the crash. If you are not there when the police arrive to assess the situation, make sure to take photos of all damage. If your car sustains damage in an accident, it is crucial to write down all specific damages. If there are broken windows or dents in any part of your vehicle, make sure to write down the about cracks and take pictures of them.

This method will help you later when filing insurance claims or lawsuits against other drivers.

It is also essential to photograph other people’s vehicles if they sustained damage in your accident. Ensure their cars are safely out of traffic and do not obstruct any roadways. You must also snap a photo of their license plates.

Make a Record of the Damage to Your Body

In the chaos of a car accident, it is easy to forget about the damage you may have sustained. Write down all injuries and how they occurred.

This information includes scrapes and scratches and more severe injuries such as whiplash or fractures. If you cannot record your injuries at the scene, then take pictures of them for future reference.

Do Not Admit Fault

It is prevalent for people to be confused after an accident, especially if they were not at fault. Likewise, some people assume that they were at fault when they were not.

Regardless of your position in the accident, it is crucial not to admit fault until you thoroughly understand who was at blame. If you are confused after the accident, do not admit that you were at fault.

People who have suffered injuries in a Missouri car accident may find it necessary to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Contact a Lawyer if You Have Injuries

Suppose you have injuries or property damages from an automobile accident. In that case, whether it was your fault or not, it is important to consult with experienced Missouri car accident attorneys. Consultation with experienced personal injury lawyers can help you understand your rights and help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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