How has technology changed popular online casino games?


Days when we had to visit a landline establishment to play slot games are gone by. Now it’s all going in the cloud, in another sphere of technology mobile gaming, or through blockchains. You can play slots online and enjoy other niches of gambling using an array of technologies of which some are still developing. Let’s see where the future of the online casino industry will take us.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

A new revolution has arrived, and it is called VR – and it is not intended only for the world of video games. As a casino player, this new technology enables a complete user experience of a particular situation, scenario, or environment, even to the extent that the user feels present somewhere in the computer-programmed sphere.

Augmented reality, abbreviated AR, is a combination of the physical and digital worlds, in which digital elements (image, text, animation, or sound) complement the physical world. All you must do is point the camera of your device at what interests you, and the appropriate program will do the rest of the work. Combined with fast payout casino methods, of which you can read in-depth reviews, this is a giant leap forward for both players and the gambling industry.

VR and AR together are known as mixed-reality raised as a result of the merging of the physical world with the digital (VR and AR). This represents a revolution in contemporary interaction and unlocks possibilities that have so far been limited only by our imagination and knowledge.

virtual reality augmented reality

Improved Mobile Gambling

Games for smartphones have almost surpassed their relatives for computers and consoles, and popular games adapted to the mobile platform have been conquered by armies of young people and those a little older. They belong to various categories: RPG, shooters, strategy and sports games, puzzles, adventures, simulations… Mobile gambling also records its peak and thus makes the most money.

When things started to roll back in the early 2000s, the list of users could be counted on the fingers of one hand. It was a novelty that only privileged individuals enjoyed but almost everyone was impressed by the possibility to try favorite casino games on a handheld device. There was no need to visit Vegas or Monaco to spin or play the best online casino games, and the concept was only gaining popularity.

Over time, the market looked for a way to improve the casino online gaming experience, so providers were constantly tweaking slots and other games, releasing apps, and adding new features. The online gambling market for mobile devices now generates a revenue of more than $250 billion, according to the latest information. We can see it growing even bigger and passing the point from where it all started.

Cloud gaming

Most people see the game industry as a creator of entertainment products, economists see it as a revenue generator, and gamers see it as a technically challenging business in which they can express their creativity – especially now when it comes time for online casino technology ‘in the cloud’.

What completely changes the gaming industry is the service of running the game on a remote computer while the image is transmitted live to the client. Suddenly, playing even the biggest games no longer requires a very expensive PC or a console – it is enough to have any screen (TV, tablet, phone, etc.) and some input device that can be connected to them (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc.).

The main challenge for this platform is in the field of multiplayer gaming since it is very difficult to find other people interested to compete. Still, online games are new social networks, they are no longer the solo experience we go through in our basements or on our beds. We engage them with other people, we connect with the entire new community. It will only take a little time for this concept to flow on the mainstream, because of the intriguing gameplay where things will only get better.

New Table Games

Table games are the casino essentials – it’s hard to find a player who never played one, or a casino that failed to offer this niche. They are as old as humankind and trace back to the dawn of civilization, whether our ancestors played them with dice or with cards.

When we thought the circle was complete and there is nothing else to surprise here, top online casino software developers came up with new and interesting solutions. For example, you can now play online Multi Wheel Roulette and wager on the outcome of one or all eight wheels employed. The croupier follows all the rules of European Roulette, which is a bit harsher for newbies, but it provides a new technological experience you have never seen before.

Live Dealers

The biggest drawback of live online casinos in the past was the lack of excitement and feeling you have when you compete in person with someone. Passionate players, however, preferred a physical touch over artificial intelligence and thus satisfied their adrenaline hobby. However, today’s gaming software has advanced so much that it can reliably evoke the atmosphere of our favorite live casinos.

You can get it all from the comfort of home, without the obligation to smile when you are not in the mood, without banal conversations, and without the possibility of meeting an annoying person, and again with your favorite online casino game.

With the improvement of software, the popularity of live dealer online casino gaming is also growing. There is a possibility of chatting, we enjoy a great sound and picture, croupiers are often real and beautiful girls, so we have a complete atmosphere without even moving from the armchair.

live dealers

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has become one of the most talked-about things in the past year or two – and not just in the field of technological advancements. Probably the main reason for that lies in the dizzying growth of the value of cryptocurrencies, but also the growth of their number (currently there are over 1000 of them).

Cryptocurrencies are somewhere between mathematics, sociology, economics, law, and politics. So, it’s no wonder why so many people (including IT professionals and developers) don’t know much about this topic. However, blockchain technology enables so much more going far beyond the technology on which cryptocurrencies are based.

Blockchain systems allow the exchange of any digital goods by one user on the Internet to another in a safe and secure way, as they allow for decentralized consensus. It can be digital money, a contract, proof of ownership of physical goods, security protocols, casino games online, the latest slot machines, or anything else you can imagine.


You can still get online slots on a PC machine, which is a great thing for players enthusiasts armed with the most modern configurations, speakers, cameras, and more. But why would you dwell in the past and be afraid to try something new? Online platforms are developing, and gaming technology offers much more to the growing army of players. Casinos are improving to benefit both operators and gamers, which can only get better in days to come.

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