Why You Need To Upgrade Your App From PSD To Angular


Hello, IT community! Website design and use of templates in working with Angular is an integral part of the development of every specialist. It is worth dealing with this part at the beginning of acquaintance with the framework and all the transitions in the implementation of templates, especially the PSD format. In the article ‘Why You Need To Upgrade Your App From PSD To Angular’, you can learn about the importance of integrating PSD templates into your project and what it is connected with. Let’s start from the beginning!

Angular is a framework for developing client applications, so its main work is related to data presentation and template processing. Some people do not understand how Angular and PSD are connected, because they believe that creating the style of the application or the site is a secondary task, and functions of Angular allow you to do this without converting the PSD file and other troubles. On the one hand, I can agree with this opinion because it really exists and is used in development. If we are talking about the styles and templates of the component in Angular itself, then the styling of the component can be done both by setting the styles in the component itself and by connecting external CSS files. In Angular, the styles of property are defined in the @Component directive to set styles. This means that the styles parameter contains a set of styles that will be used by the component for your project. When using styles, be aware that they are applied locally only to markup controlled by the component. For example, if the page contains elements outside the control area of the component, then they will no longer be styled. But there is one problem, if there are a lot of styles, then the component code may be too bloated, and in this case, they should be moved to a separate CSS file. Therefore, you need to create a new file app.component.css in the same folder as the component class (which is located in the app folder by default). The styleUrls parameter lets you specify a set of CSS files to use for styling. In this case, it is assumed that the CSS file is located in the project in the app folder. Similarly, we can move the template into a separate HTML file. Thus, due to the removal of the CSS and HTML code, the code of the component itself has become cleaner and simpler. As you can see, from all of the above, you can set the style of your components for the application yourself, knowing only the Angular syntax. But the development world is moving forward and the use of new methods is attracting more and more programmers. One of these ways when creating an application is to use PSD templates in the Angular project.

Why is it important to upgrade your app from PSD to Angular?

The most important reason is that converting such a PSD template allows you to create a dynamic, high-quality, and user-friendly application. Templates in PSD formats are pre-designed helpful things that can be utilized and customized for projects and different other purposes. With all these factors in mind, you’ll be able to imagine how troublesome it is to make a successful design for an application or website. This is often why having such a template can be a lifesaver for designers and developers while developing a new awesome Angular app. Creating a PSD template for a website is an important step in the web design development cycle. But don’t forget that a quality PSD template should have some characteristics. First, such a template must contain several layers, so in other words, it must be a multilayer. This structure is required for the process of editing certain parts of the layout, and thanks to that structure it does not affect the state of others. All other formats don’t have such a function and basically compress graphic objects. With fonts and inscriptions, you need to be careful and prefer traditional ones. If you use a special font, the file with it must be attached to the template. PSD template must adhere to the optimal size (width of at least 1000 pixels). If you ignore this rule, the display of the template in the browser may be incorrect. Ideally, the result of your PSD template ought to be multi-layered, totally prepared for layout and coding. Website design in Photoshop includes a number of required components: header; the location of the menu; navigation; color range; textual styles, etc. In the process of developing such a project, PSD templates are important, because they are high-quality graphic files that will upgrade your app to the dynamic and amazing one.

As a bonus to this article, I created a list with some open resources where you can take ready-made PSD templates if you do not want to create them yourself.

1. FreeWebTemplates:

Nowadays it is the largest and most popular platform with templates, created specifically for the development of sites, applications, and anything in general. Templates are sorted by different categories, and you can choose the color scheme and size of the device for which you are developing an application (such as a phone, tablet, or desktop). The platform also provides access to premium templates, which have many useful features, with arranged HTML and CSS codes, a variety of colors scheme, fonts, and even technical support if you need it. Of course, this feature is paid, but for $ 19 you can download all available templates and work with them in Angular.

2. TemplateMAG:

On this site, you can find premium quality PSD templates just for your project with an updated design and the right set of tools. Such templates minimize your efforts when creating a fashionable and fresh-designed application.

3. PSD Booster:

The name of the site speaks for itself and this is proved by the number of satisfied users. All the templates you download already contain layers and vector image files, which saves your efforts in designing a new Angular application. The site has 26 free and 30 premium resources that you can use. And set a low price for premium accounts ($ 5 per month) which may decrease after long-term use of the PSD Booster services. Currently, the platform is used by almost 35 thousand users and this number is definitely growing.


I think that after reading this article, which is called ‘‘Why You Need To Upgrade Your App From PSD To Angular’ a lot of developers will want to update their application using PSD templates and it’s definitely the right solution. In today’s Internet space, there are many resources that allow you to download the perfect template for you (some of them are listed above). Such templates are easy to edit and create a unique project with its own structure and functionality. You can choose a template that will match the theme of your application. And another advantage is the ability to work with PSD templates, even for beginners. And for higher-level developers, this way of working helps to interact within a new way and of course to implement projects quickly and efficiently. Thanks for reading!

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