5 Ways and Tools to Check Grammar


All people want their writings to be error-free. The absence of misspelling and grammar errors identifies good writing skills and a high level of education. Students strive to create papers that need zero corrections to maintain high college scores. Error-free writing is also very important in business. Grammar mistakes in presentations or grant proposals reduce the chances of getting funding or attracting new clients significantly.

It may be hard to spot grammar mistakes, especially when people are short on time. Fortunately, there are a lot of online tools that analyze texts, check grammar, and suggest improvements. They can spot different grammar mistakes in a few seconds. Online tools help examine writing and eliminate the majority of misspellings and grammar errors rapidly. In the post below, you find the best tools and ways to check grammar in your papers.

Microsoft Word and Google Docs

These days, most people write using keyboards on their laptops, PCs, and even smartphones. The top apps used for writing are Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The first app is the most popular text editor that offers almost limitless formatting opportunities. Google Docs is a more convenient app that allows writing text and saving it in a cloud automatically. It helps keep text safe in case of an unexpected outage or an accidental computer shutdown.

Despite the distinctive features of every tool, they both check grammar and highlight errors in real-time. Upon clicking a highlighted word or piece of text, both apps offer suggestions on correcting grammar errors or typos. Users also can paste the copied text into new documents and hit the Grammar Check button to get all the errors highlighted.


It is the niche-leading tool for checking texts by using the power of AI. It works on different platforms, including PC, Mac, browsers, and even smartphones. The online tool foresees the option to check an unlimited amount of text for free. You can use the application online or download a desktop application.

Having a free version of the application, you will be alerted about critical grammar mistakes and typos. The app will also offer the ability to correct errors in one click. However, if you purchase a premium plan subscription, you will also get expert suggestions on how to improve your paper. Using the app, you can create papers that match the ProessaysNet writing standards. Also, premium users can check the plagiarism in the app for free.

Besides, Grammarly offers the ability to install a browser extension that will check any errors you may conduct on third-party sites. For instance, it will highlight misspelled words or grammar errors when you compose an email, write a post on social media, or reply to a message on a forum. The grammar-checking tool for smartphones has the form of a smart keyboard that needs to be installed on mobile devices.


It is a comprehensive online tool for writers. It brings the ability to check grammar and polish text hassle-free. The application works online or can be utilized as a web browser extension. It checks grammar lightning-fast and highlights errors that should be corrected. Also, it analyzes text and provides detailed reports. Using the app, you will be able to check your writing style, find overused words, and replace them with synonyms in a few clicks.

Those who want to use the full potential of the app need to purchase a premium plan. The free version implies some limitations. Using the free version, you will be able to check up to 500 words online only. Also, you will be able to use 19 reports only.


It is a simple application that checks grammar and typos. It can be installed on both Mac and PCs for free. The desktop application doesn’t open full screen, so you will be required to write and check texts in a small window on your computer’s screen. The app highlights grammar mistakes and suggests corrections that can be corrected in a click. Also, the app’s functionality allows users to replace words with synonyms and rephrase sentences.

To use the app with no hassle, you will be required to buy a premium plan. The free version allows checking 900 words only if you’re logged in and 450 if you’re logged out from the app. Alternatively, it can work as a browser extension that checks grammar on third-party sites for free.

Professional Proofreading

Yet, professional proofreading is the most reliable way to check grammar in text. Even though online tools are constantly evolving and use the latest technology, they are still not ideal for checking grammar. The main drawback of online text checking software is that it’s powered by algorithms that can hardly understand the context or recognize some slang words. Therefore, if you want your paper to be 100% free of grammar errors, you need to ask professionals to proofread your writing. Alternatively, you can ask Google, “Who can write my essay for me?” and find a reliable writer who will create an error-free paper for you.

The modern grammar checking tools can help spot and eliminate most mistakes and typos with no hassle. Unfortunately, none of the tools can guarantee that your paper is 100% error-free. Therefore, you need to evolve your writing skills and never rely on algorithms only.

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