5 Things Will Change The Way You View VPN Bitcoin Payments


There’s no doubt that cryptocurrencies have somewhat of a bad name. Most people hesitate to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method since they can’t touch such currency. You can touch and put it physically into a wallet, and that’s not the case with cryptocurrencies. In our convoluted world of restrictions and fees as well as regulations, cryptos are an amazing loophole. They’re even more and more universally accepted as a payment method for services such as Mysterium Network.

A Safer Payment Method

Every year, there are thousands of cases of credit card fraud. Hackers love to collect personal information about individuals for criminal activities. Maybe some of those hackers simply have no funds and would like to go shopping. Basically is the modern version of a robbery. They’re an easy target for hackers. A VPN Bitcoin payment is run via blockchain technology. It uses very complicated algorithms that are hard to hack. For additional security reasons, the keys or rather the address of your digital wallet changes for every transaction. 

The only way someone can hack a Bitcoin payment is if you left your cryptos in the wallet and go through some form of scam payment. Unfortunately, hackers also like to target exchanges. You’ll have to provide a bank account or a credit card to buy cryptos. Don’t ever leave your cryptos in the wallet of your exchange either. Even though it’s protected with 10difficult algorithms, it’s not 100% on the safe side. Hence, it’s always best to have an offline wallet for your cryptos.

safe payment method

You Can Protect Your Identity

Any traditional payment method involves giving away your personal information. Surely, if you bought physical goods online, you could as well pay with a traditional method. You have to enter an address where it’s supposed to be delivered. Using PO Boxes or alternative addresses will only bring you so far to protect your identity. Certain services, such as VPN Bitcoin, do not require you to leave any personal details. You can use a burner email for that purpose to keep your privacy. Transactions with Bitcoin keep all personal details private and automatically anonymize them. Your VPN service would not have any personal details about you and you can safely fly under the radar. The less information you leave on the internet for any payments you make, the better. It could only be you who’d be able to associate yourself with a VPN Bitcoin payment. 

Bitcoin is Not a Hotbed For Criminal Activity

Only because you can’t touch cryptos physically doesn’t automatically mean it’s a dubious payment method. They are rather an alternative payment method to maintain your overall privacy. Surely, cryptocurrencies exist as a form of payment for criminal activity on the dark web. No one has ever claimed cash would be bad because it can be used for criminal activity. Therefore, if you’re taking advantage of Bitcoin payments, you’re not a criminal. There are other reasons as to why someone would like to remain anonymous with VPN Bitcoin payments. It could be to make an anonymous donation or to pay for a private medical service. Most people use cryptocurrencies just to generally keep them private. That measure also prevents advertisers from tracking spending habits. The only one who can track your spending habits with Bitcoin payments is you.


VPN Bitcoin Exists On a Decentralized Network

Any traditional payment method involves some kind of institution, such as a bank. Bitcoin payments happen on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. That means that there is no entity that has any control over crypto transactions. The decentralized network comes with even more advantages: as it is a peer-to-peer network, the transaction fees are a lot lower. Those peers who do process your Bitcoin transaction receive a small amount for their service. Additionally, the decentralized network ensures much faster payments than other payment methods. There is no one who would have to approve the transaction in the first place. It’s only you who approves the VPN Bitcoin transaction as soon as you hit send.

Parting Words

If you’d like to make a purchase at a web page that’s located abroad, you usually can’t pay with your local currency. Paypal or credit cards are a good option but there’s an exchange cost to recalculate your funds into the other currency. It results in you paying more than you’d actually have to. VPN Bitcoin payments are a universal payment method without any currency borders. You can use Bitcoin for any services or goods in the entire world and circumvent those processing fees. You ultimately pay even fewer transaction fees than with a traditional payment method.

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