15 Best Agar.io Alternatives : Games like Agar.io


Agar.io is a game developed by a Brazilian developer in 2015. It took no time for this game to become popular, Similar to this game, Many people came up with their own version of .io Games like Slither.io Paper.io, etc. To compose this article, We went through a lot of different “.io” games and we only selected the 15 best games as the agar.io alternatives.

The games we are going to list below are popular and have a different perspective and gameplay. However, they are quite similar to that of Agar.io when it comes to UI and concept.

Agar.io is a game where you can play with your friends or with other online players. Here your character looks like a cell that grows bigger and bigger as you start collecting other small dots. once you are big enough, you can start eating other players and improve your rank on the scoreboard. The concept suddenly became popular and today there are dozens of similar games that offer the same experience.

.io games are loved by people all over the world because of its ease of use and browser support. You can either play the games on your browser or download it on the mobile phone. However, These games do not take much space on your mobile and if you think that you don’t need an app, then you can always use the browser version which is lightweight and free to play.

Best Agar.io Alternatives in 2020

We have composed a list of 15 best games like Agar.io which are similar in many ways. These are very much like Agar.io and have equal potential to keep the users engaged. There are very few games that hold the power to keep users engaged just like the shadow fight 3 mod. You can play these games on your browser or Android and iOS versions of Agar.io alternatives.

1. Slither.io

Slither.io tops our list of Agar.io alternatives. This game is easy to play and is available on All platforms including browser, Android, and iOS. In this game, you play as a snake and consume food particles to grow your size. You can also consume an enemy snake by making him touch your body, As soon as the enemy snake touches your body, it will die and you can consume its remaining particles, In this way, you can easily grow your size and get a higher ranking on Points Table.

This game is definitely addictive and a lot of Twitch and Youtube streamers use this game to earn money from their Gameplay Livestreaming videos. the user also gets options to choose different flags and skins. If you have enjoyed playing Agar.io then you should not miss this game.

Slither.io game like Agar.io

Play Slither.io

Install on Android

2. Gota.io

Gota.io is another alternative to Agar.io. Both the games share almost the same UI and Gameplay. Gota.io offers more features and Gameplay functionality, such as Faster movement speed.

To play this game, The users are given a costume of a cell and the users can consume small particles to grow in the cell size. Users also get an option where they can split themselves into small cell pieces to decrease their chances of dying. You can also increase your size and scoreboard rating by eating other small players.


Play Gota.io

3. Mitos.is

Mitos.is is another similar game to Gota.io and Agar.io, this game is developed using the latest HTML 5 Framework. It does have a similar UI and gameplay to that of Agar.io but it offers extra features such as custom skins, Equipment, and Faster movement speed. However, Be aware of large cells as they can be quick enough to eat you.

mitos.is game like agar.io

Play Mitos.is

4. Worm.is

Worm.is and Mitos.is are developed by the same development team, they have used HTML 5 to develop this game. Even though having a similar developer doesn’t mean the same gameplay.

Both games are different from each other. As Mithos.is shares the Agar.io Theme, Worm.is is similar to slither.io

wormis game like agario

Play Worm.is

5. Pie.ai

If you enjoy playing different games then Pie.ai is the best Agar.io alternative. This game is all about fighting and survival. You can eat pies on your way and gain energy to fight off other players. You can jump, Fly, and eat other enemies to survive and increase your points. Unlike the other games like Agar.io, this game is difficult to play and needs your attention and practice.

pieai survival .io alternative

Play Pie.ai

6. Spinz.io

This game is comparatively new in the market but we have included it in this list. Spinz.io is basically a mixture of Slither.io, Agar.io, and Fidget Spinner. For playing this game, you will get a Fidget Spinner costume and you can roam around the canvas to collect small dots. You can also fight with other opponents and gain more scores.

spinz.io uniqure .io game

Play Spinz.io

7. zombsroyale.io

If you want to try something different in this .io segment, then try zombsroyale.io. This game is really super addictive and offers a totally different gameplay and experience.

You get deployed with different players and you get tasks to kill opponents. You can grab different guns and other weapons and attack your opponents to kill. Once you eliminate all your opponents, you get to win the game.

Users also get an option to play Solo, Duo, or in a group so that you can always team up with multiple players and increase your chances of winning.


Play zombsroyale.io

8. Lordz2.io

Similar to Zombsroyale, if you are looking for a game with a different approach then Lordz2.io is a perfect choice for you. This game will keep you busy and entertained with its wizards, Lords, and kings. You have to create the largest army and conquer other regions that are on the map. It’s really a fun and thrilling game and one of the best alternatives to Agar.io.

Unlike all other games which look similar and kinda copied, this game stands out differently and has its own graphics and gameplay. So if you are looking for something exciting or different then you should try this game similar to Agar.io

agar io like games

Play Lordz2.io

9. Curvefever.io

If you love playing funny and easy games then this game is perfect for you. Curvefever is a simple yet addictive game where you get to play with 3 opponents, Each player has to draw a line and reach 100 Points to win. However, The players cannot overlap on each other’s lines neither they can overlap on their own, this is where the game gets interesting, as time passes, there is only limited space available on the canvas thus it gets more and more interesting as time passes.

curvefever game like agar.io

Play Curvefever.io

10. Limax.io

Limax.io is very similar to Agar.io or Slither.io, However, the game has good graphics and smooth gameplay. Because of lightweight design and use of Colors and SVG Graphics, the game is easy to load and makes your experience even better.

In Limax.io, you will get different modes such as Mass, Kill, Team, Race, 1V1. You can also choose between 4 different themes that will change your canvas and character color.


Play Limax.io

11. Devast.io

If you love playing games with simple graphics and easy controls then Devast.io stands as a perfect alternative to Agar.io for you. This game is simple yet addictive, You play along with different sets of people in a world, where you will get different objects such as Axe, Stones, or fire to damage and destroy your opponent.

devast io marketedly

Play Devast.io

12. Hole.io

You must have heard about this game, This is one of the top trending games of 2019. The game received huge success and audience base after its first release. There are many versions of this game available online, including Gaming apps for Android and iOS.

Hole.io is all about creating a large black hole to consume more things, As you start consuming things, you will start growing simultaneously and the one with the biggest hole will win in the end.

Play Hole.io on android

Play Hole.io on iOS

13. paper-io.com

Paper.io is one of my most favorite games and thus we are including this game in our Agar.io Alternatives list. The game is simple, fast, and easy to play, It can easily help you to pass your time. The game is available on Android, iOS, and browser. The Game is easy to understand and it has very limited and basic graphics. In Paper.io, you get a circle as your territory and you have to increase that circle by drawing a line on the canvas, The bigger the line is, the bigger territory you will acquire, However, If your opponent decides to cut your line in half then you will be killed.

agar.io alternative

Play Paper.io

14. Zorb.io

Zorb.io is a perfectly crafted 3D game and has a very unique approach, The game is a unique Agar.io alternative. In terms of design and gameplay, no game on this list can match Zorb.io. The game takes you into deep space where you act as a planet and your work is to grow your size by eating small particles in the space, but beware of the large planets as their gravitational pull can eat you. This game can definitely give you Agar.io experience in 3D.

zorb ultimate agar.io alternative

Play Zorb.io

15. Diep.io

Diep.io is another Agar.io Alternative which is a survival game. You can start playing this game by selecting one of the modes from FFA, Survival, 2 Teams, 4 Teams, and domination. It takes time to learn all the controls of this game, but once you are introduced to the gameplay, you will get addicted to it.

You have to collect coins by destroying different objects, Once you have enough coins, you can start killing your enemies and go to the next level.

diep io game similar to slitherio

Play Diep.io

Other Games like Agar.io

If you are not satisfied with the above list and still want more Agar.io alternatives then don’t worry. Below we are listing all the possible websites similar to Agar.io

  • agma.io
  • surviv.io
  • mope.io
  • wings.io
  • superhex.io
  • wormmax.io

Why .io Games are popular

.io Games are popular because of their ease of use and easy accessibility. You can start playing these games anywhere anytime and that too without downloading anything. The games that hold the .io Domain TLD extensions are generally categorized as the “.io” Games. These games don’t require you to download or install anything. You can visit the URL of these websites on any browsing app and start playing the games instantly.

These type of games gives you an ability to connect with players from all over the world into a single canvas. People generally play io games to pass their time and have a little fun. The games are not as big as Pubg or Minecraft and thus one gameplay generally finished in 3-4 minutes.

After the success of Agar.io, The other alternative which is slither.io gained over millions of users in just a few months of its release and it is currently the most popular .io game.

Why People Love Agar.io

Agar.io is the first game in the “io Games” category. When the game was first released in 2015, it instantly became a big hit among youngsters and internet users. The game was shared all over social media and community forums. The game is simple and does not require any special skills to master. It also gives you an opportunity to connect with other players from all over the world, and with 3-4 minutes of gameplay, you can easily play this game in between work or while traveling.

FAQs About Agar.io Alternatives

What is the most popular .io Game?

Slither.io is the most popular io game that is available on Mobile, iOS, and PC.

Is Agar.io Banned in my Country?

Please check if you have entered the domain correctly, Otherwise use a VPN app to access the game.

What are some of the famous games like Agar.io? 

Games like Agar.io includes Slither.io, Gota.io, Hole.io.

Can I Play Agar.io on Mobile?

Yes, You can download the Official App from miniclips and play Agar.io on your Mobile. Other than that, there are many other Agar.io alternatives available on Android and iOS too.

Final Words!

These are the games that are similar to Agar.io or you can call them Agar.io Alternatives. Even though they share almost the same gameplay and UI/UX, each game has something different to offer and you can try them for fun whenever and wherever you want.

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