6 Best Android Spy Apps In 2020


If you have spied on phones before, then you know how fun it is. The results are, however, not the same, depending on the application you are using. Android has a broader phone market share, meaning numerous apps aim to spy on them.

Some applications demand special skills that may be hard to learn. Others risk the spying expedition by pushing for compromising the phone before getting its details. This causes one to be on the lookout for easy and beneficial spying solutions.

Are they available? Yes, and we have six of them here that will make the spying project easy. Your target will never notice as you get the results away from them.

Part 1: Spyic Android Spying in 2020

In the current age, spying on phones only needs you to have an app that guides you through it. That means even though you don’t know, reading about it is enough. One of the apps that makes that possible is the Spyic solution.

Millions of people have downloaded it in more than 190 countries. Major news outlets also recognized it via a few headlines. So, don’t be surprised when you see it featured on LifeHacker or CNET.

It’s one of the first apps that proved Androids are vulnerable without rooting them. That is one of the habits that most spying applications ask for if you need unlimited features. For Spyic, it has the cutting-edge technologies that deliver information via 35+ features.

So, apart from being simple to use, it also doesn’t disappoint. In Android, you can use it on version 4.0 and above. Most of the current phones are way above that. So, you will have no problem reaching out to one of the recently bought phones.

When spying, Spyic only needs you to have an online account and the app’s installation on the targeted phone. Since it has the stealth mode, that means the app will not be visible after you complete installing.

That allows you to spy on the phone without the target realizing your tactics. Once you are done setting up, you can spy on Android devices without the target phone using Spyic. Everything you need to see will be in your online account.

Some of the features here include the calls, SMSs, location, Geofencing, photos, and videos. All of that and more is shown to you via a web portal that is compatible with all browsers. You can spy on the target anywhere via your account because everything is web-based.

What you will be needing is a device with an internet connection. To get more from Spyic, follow this guide to see what it’s capable of. It also goes ahead to protect the information you get from the victim’s phone.

What happens is that the app’s cloud syncs with the phone when you log in. That means there is nothing stored in your account when you log out.

How to Spy on Android with Spyic Solution

Step 1: Visit the Spyic website and create an account using your email address and a password. Next, select the Android icon, pay for one of the plans, and wait for the confirmation email.


Step 2: When the email arrives, it will have everything you need to proceed. Use the sent link to install Spyic on the targeted phone. This happens once and as you do so, remember to activate the stealth mode. After that, finish installing and log in remotely.

Step 3: Once you get back to your account, you will find the dashboard with all the features you need. It will also contain the phone’s summary.

To spy on the Android, click on the links in the menu to see what has been fetched.

Part 2: Spyier Android Spying App

The second spying application on the list is Spyier, and it applies to Android 4.0 and above. You don’t need any rooting tricks to proceed. That leaves with a simple installation process that takes less than five minutes.

The results will later be displayed in your online account. They include contacts, messages, browsing history, social media activities, and more. You can log in using any internet-enabled device when viewing the data.

Part 3: Minspy Android Spying App

Minspy has also proved to be useful when spying on Androids. It uses stealth mode to hide when fetching the information. For the results, they appear in your online account in a well-arranged manner.

They will consist of the call log, messages, location, media files, and installed applications. You can visit the main website to see more of the features and what they do. You don’t need any rooting to use Minspy on the targeted device.

Part 4: Spy on Android with Spyine

Spyine is compatible with Android 4.0 and above, and it doesn’t require rooting. After the one-time installation, you only need your account login credentials. Spyine will have everything from contacts to the SIM Card location in your account.

The control panel here is fully compatible with all browsers. That is why it’s possible to access your results using any internet-enabled device. As you use Spyine to spy, it never drains the phone’s battery.

Part 5: Spy on Android with Neatspy

Neatspy can also get you what you need from someone’s Android phone. It uses the stealth mode to stay concealed after installing it once on the targeted phone. That is why your target will never see it coming.

In your online account, you’ll arrest all the information stored on the phone. It will include the SMSs, contacts, location, Geofencing, and installed applications. You don’t need any rooting to use Neatspy, and it works with Android 4.0 or later.

Part 6: Spy on Android with ClickFree

The last application has also been used globally to monitor mobile phones. So, you can be sure that ClickFree will work as advertised and give you the data you need. Some of the intuitive features include call recording, Geofencing, SIM card details, and keylogger reports.

Using it on Android requires a one-time installation. After that, you are free to log in and check what has been collected. You can uninstall ClickFree remotely via the control panel.


You can try any of the six applications to see which one suits you. In all, you will get more than what you require since the apps are full of features. Solutions like Spyic go further to remain hidden throughout the spying period.

That is why we vouch for them if you need a robust yet straightforward spying application.


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