The integration of smartphones throughout the world have comes with series of options with which android smartphones are making their subscribers enjoy numerous benefit of choosing the mobile devices that have the android irrespective of the smartphone developer.

However, one of the most entertaining parts of using android devices is the gaming function that gives the subscribers the chance to reconnect the utopia feeling shared when they are having their game time on consoles or PC.

And while there is a plethora of games on Google’s Android play store, ranging from soccer games, adventures, racing, and many more – the most glaring advantage of the android is a cadre of broadband which allows many gamers to stream sports games using their mobile devices.

Although, not many fancy the streaming but the connections between the gamers and the streaming ensure that many connect with their choice of the sport while gaming on the other hand. But, beyond the gaming that comes with the android devices, streaming has been one of the best functions that many reckon with while they will be getting the chance to see their NFL star run the field when the season began on September 9.

Though the season is touted to be glamorous, it could be more surprising when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers becomes the Super Bowl champion on a successive platform despite having to go against the odds  according to the NFL picks

Despite the feeling attained streaming the NFL games and other sport on android smartphones, having to play some games on this device is what some people lived for, and while the soccer games are by far the most played games, here are some games that many loved to play on the android devices

And these games have nothing to do with the game of soccer but the joy of adventure, racing and others are quite tantalizing for many

Candy crush saga

candy crush

Over the year, the candy crush saga is one of the most played games on Android devices. With enormous popularity, the game is suitable for all ages from children to the oldies. The game is one of the most vibrant games with pure simplicity that establish tactics in breaking down a path.

In fact, is a classical game with the perceived strategic notion to cater for a balanced graphic and ideal notion that entail the beauty of a simple game. Though many did not logically see the game as one of the best on Android devices the impeccable acceptance of this game is a reference to its quality in gameplay and tactical awareness.

The game offers one of the most simple games to play but is very hard to master, while each stage of the game needs a different orientation to over the challenges ahead – though, it is all about matching candies together to eliminate the candies until the objective is met. But the task is quite difficult than how it looks.

Subway surfers 

subway surfers

So cool! That is the comment of many gamers who have tasted the affluence of subway surfers’ beauty in refreshing the gamer’s mind. The game is all about dodging and running while avoiding being taken aback by the chaser.

The game enables the gamers to have fun while relaxing at the same time. A perfect getaway to avoid stress while relaxing on the run. Furthermore, the game comes with many enticing factors that makes the game more worthwhile

With hoverboard which makes the run more tantalizing and prevents the characters from been caught, but with the sneakers, jet rocket, and other fascinating templates that makes the games more endearing are quite imperative in making the game outstanding among the rest.

However, the game will always be among the best android devices have to offers.

Temple run 

temple run

Like subway surfer, Temple run provides a mechanism that brings the ancient tone to the classical in and endearing modern fashion. The game is loved by many and can easily be played by all ages from the young to the oldies.

In a more tumultuous manner, the character will have to dash in a risky way in order to make sure that the character survives from the temple Monster gorilla – moreover, the run comes with coins that can be used to buy some tentative factors that bring longer ivory to the character.

Temple run comes with the ability to make the gamers become more flexible while dodging the temple monster by running, sliding, and jumping the obstacles while collecting coins to fulfill the power-ups. Though, the difficulty increases as the game runs longer as the speed gradually increases.

But, the game overall is edifying while so simple to understand but very technical and difficult to muster but it is one of the most endearing games to all ages.

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