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Smartphones and new technologies have long occupied an important place in our daily lives, have become a habit and something that people can no longer live without. Each of us communicates daily with a huge number of people, reads news, shares our thoughts and simply corresponds with friends and family. Usually, we communicate with the help of messengers, because it is convenient and fast. But at the same time, we face the fact that our favorite messengers no longer support the features we dream of.

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Today we are going to talk about unusual applications, or to be more precise, about ordinary applications, but with unusual functions, namely about client applications of the popular messenger Telegram on the Android platform. These apps often look like regular Telegram, but they have a lot of additional features that the regular Telegram app doesn’t have. Therefore, we have ranked the top five best client apps of the popular Telegram messenger and will share them with you today.

  1. Nicegram

This app is written with open-source code, so you can make sure it’s safe and also add new features to it. Nicegram supports all the updates of the official Telegram app. Nicegram online will help you to get the following unusual features: create unlimited number of accounts to separate business and personal communication, instant translation of incoming messages right in the chat, quick replies from the list of standard message templates, privacy preservation with double-bottom, viewing a message without a “read” mark, forwarding a message without specifying the author’s name.

In addition, the information you send through Nicegram messenger is encrypted and stored on Telegram’s servers to ensure your safety, the app does not collect your personal data.

  1. iMe Messenger

This application, like the previous one, has open source code and everyone can make sure of its safety. The messenger includes artificial intelligence represented by neurobots. These bots offer you quick replies to chat messages, both written and picture format replies. Another feature is that a cryptocurrency wallet is included in the app. With its help, you can exchange cryptocurrency and make cryptocurrency transactions right in the messenger.

There are other features in iMe Messenger, such as the ability to group chats by topics and folders, the ability to save photos in the cloud, and automatic downloading of music from the device. To improve communication through chats, the application has the following features: filters for contacts and group members, the ability to block selected people, removing text from images, translating voice messages into text, the ability to forward messages without quoting or indicating the author of the message. In general, this application is suitable if you need advanced settings for communicating with other users.

  1. Graph Messenger

One of the best applications for those who want to maintain a high level of privacy when using messenger. There are some of the security features: changing your voice when sending voice messages, hiding chats and channels and opening them only when you enter your password. Among the general innovations you can enjoy the following features: creating 100 active accounts at the same time, uploading files from several sources at the same time, editing images in chat, creating auto-replies for contacts right in chat, as well as an alert that notifies you when a certain person is online.

  1. Vidogram

This application is aimed at those who like to use the popular messenger Telegram for entertainment and studying content. The creators of the messenger emphasized on unusual and very convenient display of the content that we use in the messenger. For example, there you will be able to form a single branch of news from all the channels to which you are subscribed, as well as group chats by topic, depending on your current news channels and correspondence. Also in the application you will be able to use the following functions: built-in IPTV, listening to music from all channels to which you are subscribed, creating playlists. In the application itself, the user can play video games, convert voice messages into text messages right in the chat, and create hidden chats with a password to enter.

  1. Mobogram

The creators of this application also emphasized on privacy settings when using the popular messenger. In Mobogram you will find the following features: advanced contact blocking, self-destructing messages, hiding chats and locking hidden chats with a password, changing your voice when sending voice messages. Unfortunately, Mobogram is not an official Telegram client, so updating and storing user data remains questionable. There are also nuances in data storage, because account data is not stored on Telegram’s servers.

To summarize, there are a lot of client applications of the popular messenger Telegram, these applications have a number of innovations and unusual features that may come in handy depending on your needs. For example, if you require a general expansion of user settings or improved privacy features, client apps can help you with these issues. When downloading a new app, pay attention to the specialization of the app, because then you will be able to find the perfect app for you.

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