How to Use Your Laptop 100%: Five Life Hacks Every Gamer Needs to Know


So, you’ve decided to become a serious gamer with super-efficient gear and gadgets? We support your decision and applaud your wish to invest in professional equipment! However, you should know that every laptop can be adjusted in a way that suits the needs of video gaming in particular.

The Internet is packed with all sorts of tricks and tips on how to use your laptop to the fullest, but we selected five features that matter the most. Buckle up as we are about to present you with the five life hacks every gamer needs to know!

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A typical gamer owns a Windows-powered laptop, which is why we encourage you to activate the game mode in Windows 10. It’s a simple trick, but it does miracles for the gaming laptop performance. How does it work?

Windows 10 has an Xbox app with multiple functions designed to enrich online gaming. You can use them to optimize performance and improve the overall experience. The process begins in the Xbox app:

  • Click Start > Settings (or WIN+I)
  • Click Gaming > Xbox Game Bar
  • Switch to On
  • Select Game Mode in the left-hand pane
  • Switch to On

Now that the game mode is on, you can play online games or even casinos, so make sure to check the best payout online casinos. The features many providers with a minimum deposit and it definitely covers the best deposit casinos in Canada.

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  • Adjust power settings

You probably play a lot of online games on the go, which makes battery life one of the most important features of a gaming device. But in order to help your battery thrive, you should adjust the computer’s power settings. Here’s how it works with Windows 10:

  • Click Start > Settings (or WIN + I)
  • Go to System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings
  • Select High performance
  • Click Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings
  • Confirm the power settings are set to the optimum levels.
  • Test the speed of your network

Online gamers live and breathe the Internet and the worst thing that can happen to them is to experience lags due to poor connections. To avoid this issue, you should simply test the speed of your network and see if there are any issues related to it.

A tool like Speed Test will do the job on your behalf in a matter of seconds. If it detects a problem, you should check the router because it may be outdated or malfunctioning. If this is not the case, then you can update network card drivers and other Internet-related systems.

  • Try graphics card overclocking 

Another useful tip is to overclock the computer’s graphics card. Overclocking is the process of increasing the speed of your laptop, so you can take advantage of the casino free spin or play the most demanding online games without problems whatsoever.

The online real issue with this process is that overclocking sometimes causes extra heat and power consumption. Overclocking demands more electricity and therefore overloads the laptop, but almost every laptop has a cooling system strong enough to handle this.

  • Never forget updates and upgrades

We saved the easiest tip for the end of the list. Namely, you should always pay attention to system upgrades and updates. That way, the laptop will become a more efficient and powerful device. Updates are available around the clock and we recommend automating the process. If you do it like that, you won’t have to worry about manual updates. The situation is a bit trickier with upgrades, but here’s what you can do:

  • Strengthen the memory capacity through RAM
  • Increase storage with an SSD
  • Enable full settings to enhance the laptop’s battery

The Bottom Line

If you want to become a better and more proficient video gamer, you have to improve both your skills and your gaming equipment. The former is up to you, but the latter depends on the budget and your will to upgrade the existing IT gadgets and tools.

In this article, we showed you how to use your laptop to the fullest with five life hacks every gamer needs to know. Make sure to put our ideas into practice – it will improve the efficiency of your gaming gear and make you a better player in the long run!


Brandon Kryeger is a video gamer and a blogger who writes about the latest technologies in the gaming universe. He is also interested in game strategy analysis, new releases, and everything else surrounding the video game industry. Apart from gaming, Brandon loves reading and hiking through mountains.

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