Why Is VIN Information So Important?


As a prospective vehicle buyer, the very first thing that one must do is to check the VIN. Yes, you read it right. It’s not the car model, price, or color. It’s the VIN that should be checked and decoded at the beginning of purchase.

Doing so grants metal peace of mind that stands second to none. Whether you’re buying a brand new car or thinking to get a pre-owned one, vehicle owners must buy VIN check online before making any further move.

Wondering why it is so? 

Reach till the end of this post and you’ll get to know about the significance of VIN.

VIN – The Magic Number  

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique number allotted to every car for proper identification. Using a combination of 17 digits and characters, VIN tells tons of details. To find out all the car’s details, you can easily buy VIN check online today.

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From the very moment a car is manufactured, VIN is allotted to it and stays with it until it turns into scrapes. Have a look at some of the key traits of VIN:

  • No two VINs are the same, just like human fingerprints.
  • There is a set format for VIN.
  • Characters mentioned in VIN carry different information and that has to be decoded professionally to extract the right information.

Wondering what information that a VIN might be holding inside it?

Here is some of the key vehicle information that one can extract from the VIN of a car:

Let’s take an example to decode the stored VIN information. Say you want to figure out what information 1TM-TN6A76-TTXXXXXX VIN holds. As you can see, the VIN is divided into three sections. Hence, we will decode each section for better understanding.

The first section, featuring 3 digits, is known as World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) and indicates information about the manufacturer.

The first character of this section tells the country in which the manufacturer’s plant is located. It could be a digit or an alphabet. The next two characters talk about the name of the manufacturer. In the given example, T stands for Toyota.

The second section, featuring 7 digits, is known as Vehicle Descriptor Section. Characters used in this section describe the type of vehicle.

The format of this section varies as per the local rules and regulations. Details like car model, body style, type of engine, used automobile platform used, and many others are stated in this section. Few manufacturers describe the engine type while few talk about car models.

The group of the last eight characters is known as Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS) and it’s unique for each car. This is the manufacturing serial number of a car and reveals details about the car manufacturing year and original equipment used.

Where VIN Is Located

Now that you have understood what information VIN holds, it’s time to find out where it is located on the vehicle. Mostly, it’s mentioned on the windshield of the driver’s side.

Look closely and you’ll surely find VIN here if the vehicle is of a newer model.

If it’s not there, some of the other key places to look for are under the hood of the front of the engine block, the front end of the frame, on the inner side of the driver’s side door pillar. Other than these places, you can also spot VIN on documents like the title of the car or insurance documents.

Why VIN Is So Crucial

Let’s talk about the significance of VIN in a vehicle purchase:

  • Find out the exact ownership details

In case you’re buying a pre-owned car, checking the VIN will help you understand how many owners your aimed car already had and for how long it was owned by one owner. Also, finding details like where and when it was registered.

This detailed information about previous ownership allows individuals to figure out whether or not the car was involved in any illegal activities or was stolen. It will keep you away from the hassles that might follow you after buying an illegal vehicle.

  • Get to know the right technical details  

Knowing technical details like repairs done to a car, amount of damage that happened, insurance salvage, and details of total loss are very crucial to make the right purchase of a pre-owned car.

No seller will provide these details as a poor record of accomplishment will hinder the purchase of a related car. No matter how hard a seller tries to hide these details, decoding VIN will bring a clear picture.

It will also bring information like whether or not the car has faced water damage or has decreased structural integrity on the surface. Such extensive technical information will make sure you’re not buying lemons at the cost of diamonds.

  • Check the authenticity of parts used

We know that odds of fraud are higher in a pre-owned vehicle. But, new cars also have this possibility. By decoding VIN, one will be able to check the authenticity of the parts used in a vehicle. You’ll be able to find out whether or not the original parts are used in the car.

  • Know the recall history

Investing your money in a car that has open recalls is going to create a huge mess. Recalls can be various kinds like paint’s appearance and airbag recalls.

A quick VIN check will help you find out details about all kinds of VIN recalls. A detailed VIN report will display all the hidden details and stop you from making a bad choice. It’s here to give ultimate peace of mind.

Things to Keep In Mind While Decoding VIN

  • Don’t do it manually as it’s tedious and time taking
  • Use a high-end online VIN check platform like BMW VIN Decoder
  • Recheck VIN twice before checking it for accurate details

Closing note

Though VIN is a combination of only 17 characters, the kind of information it holds is of great importance. Information that it decodes will help a prospective buyer to make sure that only the right choice is made.

So, don’t commit the mistake of buying a car which is nothing but a headache.

Invest your money in the right place by checking the VIN accurately. And when you do so, make sure that you’re only using the right VIN check online platform. Platforms that feature high-end AI and a wide record are the right place to be.

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