10 Best Keyloggers for Android in 2020


Do you want to know everything a person types on their Android device? Well, you can do that and so much more with the right tool for the job. To accomplish this, you need a reputable Android surveillance app. 

Most reputable Android surveillance apps provide a keylogger feature. With the keylogger feature, you can record every keystroke on the target device. This gives you access to information such as typed texts, usernames, and passwords. 

In this post, you learn the 10 best keyloggers for Android in 2020. You will know what these Android keyloggers have to offer. 

#1 Spyier -The best Android keylogger

Spyier - keylogger for android

As one of the leading phone surveillance apps, Spyier provides a comprehensive service. It features an Android keylogger as part of its 30 plus features. The app can not only work on Android but also iOS devices. 

Spyier has been featured in the New York Times for its capabilities. What’s more, Spyier has more than a million users across the world. With Spyier keylogger, you can record all the keystrokes on an Android remotely. 

Check out this post of Spyier and other popular Android keyloggers. Besides the keylogger feature, you can spy on Android device location and online activities among others. 

Why should you use Spyier?

As noted, Spyier comes with over 30 surveillance features. Besides, its features, Spyier delivers unmatched capabilities. Here are some of them.

1. No rooting necessary 

To use Spyier’s Android keylogger, you don’t have to root the target Android device. Besides, rooting an Android device calls for technical know-how that most people lack. 

Spyier avoids this through the use of cutting-edge technology. It is among the most advanced surveillance apps available. The process of rooting a device takes time and voids the warranty of the target device. 

2. Safe 

With Spyier, you are the only person who can access the contents of the keylogger. Also, the app never gathers data from third-party apps which ensures data privacy. 

3. Works in stealth 

Spyier is a web-based surveillance app that lets you record keystrokes on an Android remotely. Best of all, it works in the background to avoid detection or interfering with device performance. 

After installation, Spyier automatically disguises itself in installed apps and deletes its icon. This way, you won’t have to worry about your target realizing your surveillance activities. 

You can use any web browser to access your Spyier dashboard and its contents. 

#2 Minspy 

Another leading Android keylogger app is Minspy. With Minspy, you get another comprehensive surveillance app. The app comes with over 30 features among them the keylogger feature. 

Minspy supports both Android and iOS devices. Above all, you won’t need technical know-how to use the app. The Android keylogger works discreetly on the target device. 

#3 Spyine

As one of the latest phone surveillance apps, Spyine works on both Android and iOS devices. It provides more than 30 features besides the Android keylogger. It is a discreet app that makes it hard to detect the target device user. 

#4 Spyzie 

With Spyzie, you get a comprehensive surveillance app with a keylogger feature and other features. The app not only works on Android but also on iOS devices. You won’t have to worry about rooting the target Android device. 

To avoid this, Spyzie relies on cutting-edge technology to record keystrokes on any Android device. Also, all its operations take place in secrecy to hide your activities. 

#5 Neatspy 

Neatspy is another remarkable surveillance app with an Android keylogger feature. The app supports iOS and Android devices. You get to access all the recorded keystrokes remotely via a web browser. 

To do this, you only need to log in to your Neatspy dashboard. Best of all, its surveillance activities take place in the background to hide its operations. 

#6 ClickFree

Among the latest online surveillance apps, ClickFree provides unparalleled service. The app besides providing an Android keylogger offers other features. 

You can also track the whereabouts and online activities on the target Android device. ClickFree also works on iOS devices. 

#7 Spyic 

Spyic is a veteran in the surveillance industry. It comes with over 35 features and supports Android and iOS devices. Spyic is a web-based surveillance app that runs in stealth to avoid detection. 

Its keylogger feature provides a great way to spy on someone’s keystrokes. The app is trusted by parents and employers alike for its capabilities. Spyic is a safe app that doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device. 

#8 FoneMonitor 

Another reputable Android keylogger is FoneMonitor. The app offers users other features besides the keylogger. Fonemonitor lets you track anything from social media to the whereabouts of the device user. 

It supports Android and iOS devices.

#9 TeenSafe

With TeenSafe, you get one of the latest and reliable Android keylogger. TeenSafe also works on iOS devices. What’s more, you get to access all the recorded keystrokes remotely via a web browser. 

You only need to log in to your TeenSafe dashboard to accomplish start accessing all the keystrokes. 

#10 Cocospy 

Cocospy is among the initial surveillance apps. It comes with over 30 surveillance features among them the Android keylogger feature. The app also supports iOS devices and doesn’t require technical skills to use it. 


If you want a reliable and reputable Android keylogger, it can be a challenge finding one today. Fortunately, we have shown you the 10 best Android keyloggers, feel free to try any of them.

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