Here’s how to choose best plagiarism checker to avoid uploading plagiarize content


Nowadays tech-savvy people are keen to find out different ways of checking the quality of content, plagiarism checkers are the best solution when checking the quality of the content.

Plagiarism checker is a précised software developed to detect plagiarism in content with other billions of content published online.

Hence they offer their expertise in the following categories:

  • Help to check thesis/research papers
  • Help to check articles
  • Help to check assignments and all other white papers
  • Help to check social posts
  • Help to check content from applications or websites.

Plagiarism checker has become a necessity in almost every field starting from education to business presentations, legal documentation to mobile application content, they all require authentic content in it.

Thankfully plagiarism checkers have made our life easier as they detect if any plagiarism involved in the text /content.

Looking at its importance, anyone can acknowledge that plagiarism detectors are crucial for our daily life activities in regard to checking content quality.

Now there are thousands of plagiarism checkers available online some are offering free services while others are paid but selecting the best plagiarism checker can be a daunting task.

Hence below are the factors to consider when comparing plagiarism checkers which will help choose the best plagiarism checker as per user’s priorities.

Factors to consider when comparing plagiarism checkers

1. Source of information

A good plagiarism checker should provide a detailed report to the user after it compares the content with different sources like web, public or private documents.

Showing numeric percentage of plagiarism is what every checker does, but showing a detailed report of sources being matched is only given by professional checkers.

Because without showing the matched sources, no matter how expert the user is he/she will not be able to eliminate plagiarism from their content.

Hence showing a detailed report of the source of information is a quality factor with the top-notch plagiarism detectors.

2. File formats

Often people writing content are writing in their own preferred file format like word, pdf and etc.
While checking the uniqueness of the content the users would like the feature of a plagiarism checker to support all major types of files to simply upload and check the content.
This feature will make the user interface look more simple and easy to use rather than those which ask to first convert files and then upload in the checkers “Text box”.

3. Security

There are thousands of websites while surfing over the net, at some point you might stumble upon which offer writing service paid or free, well free in this world is nothing, and certainly if something is free to be cautious as they might misuse your content.
In the internet world just like some websites are secured while others are not.
Similarly, every plagiarism checker is not secure, just ensure to read their terms and conditions before using as some are asking permissions to agree upon using your content after a few months.
Before considering a plagiarism checker try to get a little deeper into it so that all your efforts don’t get copied and pasted on other websites.

4. Free checks

A top quality plagiarism checker offering all features in it like security, customer support, and detailed reports can ask for a fee because freebies can’t offer all these top-notch services simply for nothing.
Yes, it could be possible that some freebies might offer a few of the top feature but still, somehow they put the restriction in it like can be used for limited words or limited free trials.
While some paid quality checkers also offer free checks to let the user try it and get satisfied with it.

5. Downloading and sharing

Collaborating is very important whether it’s with coworkers, teachers, or writers top quality checkers offer to download and share the report.
This feature adds more ease to use a plagiarism detector and enhances productivity as users can simply download the report and store it for highlighting someone’s mistakes.
Even use the report to enhance their writing and further edit the content to make it 100% unique.

6. Plagiarism report

The plagiarism report is a very important factor, it’s on this basis a good plagiarism detector stands out from the ordinary ones.

A detailed report includes numeric percentage, total word count, readability parameter, records being matched with the content, and on top of it allows to download the report.

Plagiarism report

While showing the plagiarism report it shows the exact words being matched as well as words being paraphrased in the content.

This report helps any writer or webmaster to analyze where the content is already published and how to make it unique.
Although a bad detector will just show the numeric percentage of how much the content is plagiarized, it does not show the matched sources or a detailed report which leads the writer or webmaster to keep on striving from where the content is being copied.

Hence plagiarism report is an important parameter when looking to consider a plagiarism checker

7. Compatibility with android or smartphones

As everything has become advanced and compact, most of us like to be productive even while moving or traveling somewhere.
Especially this feature is very important for professional freelancers as they are rushed up with a pile of assignments or content to be checked.
A good plagiarism checker will certainly help his/her customers to enhance their productivity and let them check their content even on the move while specifically designing a play store application.
This will help people to install the plagiarism checker in their smartphone in the application form while enabling all the access similar to a desktop version.
While on the move these people will be able to track their work and analyze the quality of the content with a simple touch over their phone.


Whether it’s website content or a deeply researched thesis, uniqueness is the crucial factor on which the person is remarked.

And for people with high credentials uniqueness is very important, hence they will never like to pass out plagiarized content.

Looking at different plagiarism checkers online it can be confusing and difficult to choose the best one, but the above-listed factors are the key indicators of deciding which plagiarism detector is the best for anyone’s needs.

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