Great Ideas for A Welcome Home Party


Every household might have a person they miss more than anything. If you are waiting for your spouse from the military, or a child from boarding school or college, these might be some of the greatest ideas to celebrate a homecoming party with your friends or family.

  1. Decorate your dwelling with Welcome Home balloons

Welcome home inflatables are the best way to decorate the dwelling in the quickest way possible. Even if your kid announced their return two days ago, you still have plenty of time to purchase the balloons, inflate them and arrange them according to your taste and personal preferences. You can place these balloons at the entrance or at the back of the room to make a surprise. These inflatables are also great for decorating the dinner table or fixing on a pillar.

  1. Prepare a huge feast for your long-awaited person

Because most definitely, the person you were missing has been longing for home food, preparing a hearty meal,  possibly consisting of several courses, would be the biggest present for them. Even if you had no time to cook something grandiose, catering services will come in handy when organizing the dinner table. Use these services or the help of your friends and relatives to prepare the best dinner for the homecoming person.

  1. Cakes matter

Along with balloons, cakes are considered equally important tokens of love and appreciation. Of course, not everybody knows how to make a huge cake with welcome home decoration, so the easiest way to save time and mental health would be contacting bakeries and ordering a themed cake to greet your beloved person. And if you do not want to purchase a huge dessert, confectioneries and bakeries now make small bento cakes, as well as cupcakes. These might be even cuter and more fitting for the occasion.

  1. Decorate the venue with the person’s photos

If you have a significant other returning from the military, it would be a quite understandable occasion to print out their numerous photos and make a garland with small shots. You may also present these photographs as a Welcome Home album. Try to find pictures that capture your best funny moments, add stickers, and leave little notes with greetings for the homecoming person.

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt

Unless your favorite guest comes home tired because of a long trip, you might want to play with them for a while, leaving small presents and hints. These hints might ultimately lead your guest to a surprise party crowd where dozens of people are cheering them up and celebrating their return. Drop some scribbles and hide small gifts to lead the way; give phone instructions, but don’t reveal yourself as soon as they arrive. Let your guest be excited and curious by leaving small clues till they get to the party venue.

  1. Gather closest people

There is nothing more meaningful than greeting a person by your whole crew, so notify every family member and ask them to drive to your place beforehand.

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