How to Choose Telecom Billing Software: 5 Things To Look At


Any telecom business requires reliable billing software for ease of running the business. However, in many cases, most companies don’t take this seriously. A billing software performs several essential functions within the telecom business such as cash flow monitoring, generating invoices as the major function, ensuring compliance to regulations, proactive renewing of contracts, and so on. Even with all the uses, it is important to note that good billing software should be beneficial to your business by increasing its levels of profitability.

Benefits of a telecom billing software

Different countries across the world provide telecom billing software programs, which offer numerous advantages. Some of the benefits include:

  • Providing itemized bills – a telecom billing solution like telecom billing software, Kansys ensures that you get detailed bills, with detailed information of your usage.
  • Accurate billing – if your company has many customers, you will need to ensure that you have an error-free billing system. Now, this is where a telecom billing solution comes in—it ensures you receive 100% error-free bills.
  • Checking duplicate records – telecom billing solutions ensure that you don’t have duplicate records in your system, thus removing redundancy from the system. Besides, these solutions can identify fake information, such as fake social security numbers.
  • Efficient budgeting process – a good telecom billing software ensures that there’s a streamlined budgeting process. The system can track the client’s telecom expenditure, and update them whether they have exceeded certain milestones. This can allow businesses to implement strategies to reduce their expenses.

Below are some of the things to look out for when selecting a billing software for your telecom business.

Simple and easy of use

Complicated billing software can harm your business if your team cannot adopt it. A simple billing system that is easy for your team to access and take up should be a key consideration while making the selection. Along with simplicity and ease, consider factoring in training and support services for your team, to ensure you get the best results from the billing software.

Also, choose a service that offers security while accessing the web browser so that your team will not have to download and install the software before they start working with the billing platform. A study by Gallup shows that 37% of employees in the US have been working remotely, a trend that has only been growing. In case you have multiple offices or staff working remotely, it is important to have an easily accessible billing system.


Nothing spoils a business-client relationship than a false bill. Many billing companies have been seen giving clients bills higher than the number of services used. To many, it is interpreted as a lack of integrity. It is important to acquire software that generates accurate invoices for the services rendered. Put in place measures that can help manage a large client base. Ensure your telecom billing software accounts for the package used by the client to determine both the number of services used and produce an accurate billing invoice.


A telecom billing system has a load of detailed user data that should be secured from hackers. It is important to install security features to ensure the safety of client information. One way to secure the data is by using cutting-edge encryption methods, which is a cloud-based system.

Large client-base capacity

Many billing companies are unable to handle large amounts of client information. For most, their billing systems tend to fail when the number of users increases beyond a certain limit. If a company lacks reliable billing software, billing records, discounts, and other information cannot be easily accessible. A good billing company invests in an advanced billing system to prevent such technical failures. With such systems, clients can access discounts and offers, as well as accurate billing records.

Scalability and flexibility

The scalability of a company shows how great the company can be. Your billing system should fit in your company’s long-term growth strategy. A system that cannot be affected by the introduction of new services and products in the business and can easily adapt and scale as the needs of your business and clients increase. Many billing systems can only handle so much before they fail. The strength of your billing software will be determined by its ability to manage increasing call data records and produce an equivalent number of invoices, as your business grows.

Flawless contract management

Resellers require different types of solutions from their billing systems. A reseller with a high churn rate should know when a contract is about to end and ensure it is re-signed as soon as possible. For such a business, billing software with contract management tools is essential in ensuring a steady cash flow throughout the year by keeping you connected to your clients.

Ensure you have a billing system where, from the onset, you can key all the important information into your contract and predict the performance of the contract in its lifetime. With this, you can set up competitive but profitable contracts with your clients. It is also essential to have a system that analyses and informs you which contracts you need to renew at the end of every month.

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