Modern Millionaires Review – Benefits of starting a lead generation business


Online sales grew 74% Year-On-Year in January 2021, which is the highest rate of growth in many years. This was largely due to the Covid pandemic but this is not something unprecedented. Online sales have been growing for many years and the trend will continue.

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns have been a tough challenge for many businesses but it has made many of them realize the importance of the Internet. Consumers are turning towards the Internet whenever they need a product or service. Local businesses are leaving money on the table if they aren’t working to convert these people into customers.

The Modern Millionaires Course and The Lead Generation Business:

The Modern Millionaires is an online course that teaches you how to start a lead generation business and sell them to local businesses. You will learn how to identify and target a niche, set up a website or landing pages, use PPC platforms like Adwords or Facebook to send target visitors and use lead nurturing or conversion strategy to convert them into leads. There’s a complete module that focuses on finding potential buyers and closing the deal.

Lead brokers were always in demand and their demand will increase manifolds in the coming days.

Let’s read about some benefits of a local lead flipping business (and here’s a detailed review of The Modern Millionaires course in case you are interested).


The biggest benefit is that you can start this business from home with a very small investment. A home-based business will save you from the trouble of traveling to and from your office. It will also help you save the cost of renting and equipping your office. You don’t have to buy any kind of inventory and in most cases, you do not have to hire anyone. This flexibility makes it easy to start and also means that you will get an easy exit in case you want to stop in the future.

Less competition:

The internet is a crazy place to do business. There are endless opportunities but the competition is growing at a crazy speed. More than 5.7 million blog posts are published and 500 thousand websites are launched every single day. Every single one of these websites or blog posts adds to the competition. Conventional online earning methods like blogging or affiliate marketing are not good for beginners. You have to be extremely good at SEO or Content Marketing if you want to make money through these methods. The easiest way to avoid this competition is to target “local”. When you are targeting local searches, you are suddenly competing against a couple of dozen businesses instead of competing against hundreds and thousands.

And the best part is, most of these local businesses are not good at online marketing. This means a much better chance of success.

Easier to communicate and work with business owners:

It is a lot easier to contact and build relationships with local businesses. There are no communication or cultural barriers. You will be able to understand the businesses and what they are looking for. You can go and meet them in person which makes it easy to close deals (as compared to closing deals on the phone).

You can create better PPC campaigns:

This one is probably the biggest benefit. You know your target audience because you are one of them. It is much easier to create a buyer persona and create better Ad copies. This information will also help with conversion optimization because you will know the pain points. You will also be able to make use of the local events or happenings and change your call to action accordingly.

You can use Conventional Marketing channels:

You can also use conventional marketing or advertising channels like newspaper ads or cable TV ads when you are targeting the local market. Sometimes, these ads can be a lot more cost-effective as compared to PPC ads where you might be bidding against some big businesses. It is also much easier to use content or Social Media marketing when you can relate to your target audience.

Local people will always trust local businesses so you will always get a much better chance of a conversion. This means you will be able to steer clear of the ever-increasing competition on the internet.

It’s pretty obvious once you think about it. So give it a go and trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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