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Do you operate a law firm with a focus on family law, including divorce? This is a complicated practice area of the law and one that must be handled with sensitivity and accuracy in the information given. Regardless of where you’re advertising or discussing your legal practice and what you offer, you’ll need to know the proper means of using search engine optimization (SEO). Read on for some tips for Marketing for divorce lawyers with the use of SEO.

The Importance of a Website for Divorce Lawyers 

Many sources state that the Internet is the main way that people find lawyers today. This is in large part because someone who is looking to get a divorce may feel ashamed or embarrassed and not want to ask people they know for recommendations.

Working with Keywords 

A healthy SEO campaign involves popular keywords that people type in when looking for that particular type of business. The difficult thing about this with divorce law is that there are relatively few keywords that can be used compared to the keyword lists available for other practice areas and professional fields. For this reason, you’ll have to work on mixing up the order of the phrasing a bit and try not to overdo it with the number of times you’re including the keywords. It’s far better to make high-quality content that shows your expertise than just to throw in these words and phrases haphazardly.

What to Include for a Successful SEO Website 

There are several elements you’ll want to feature in your website content so that you have a chance at the best SEO results.

Page title: Your page title should have your main keyword in it. It will show up in bold once your website ranks in search results. If your brand is recognizable by many then this name should be at the end of the title. Otherwise, put in a call to action.

Meta description: Your meta description will show up on the search page with the title. Put strong effort into coming up with content here that will get people to click that link to your page.

H1 title (and H2/H3 etc.): The H1 title should have your main keyword in it. It’s at the top of your content and easily gets confused with your page title. However, it’s not in the search results.

The other titles are used for your subtopics. They should describe the content that is going to be in that section. For instance, H2 is for a main topic heading, H3 should be for any further information you’ll put into that section yet doesn’t require a main heading. It’s in your best interest to include keywords people likely will search for on these topics, without making them spammy.

Alt tags: Alt tags are not just important – they are legally necessary so you can tell people with visual impairment what a photo is about.

Call-to-action: Though you likely don’t want to make your whole page of content into a sales pitch, it’s fine to include something a bit more salesy at the end in the form of a call-to-action. This is where you will tell your readers what they should do next.

Be Prevalent on Social Media 

Though social media business pages don’t necessarily have SEO keywords in them, you can use your own social media page to leverage your law firm. Divorce attorneys would do well to post their articles, blogs, and other information on a frequent basis to get in front of people more often and stay relevant. You can have a professional who is in-house write this content or go through a marketing company to do so.

Another avenue you can take is to share to as many local groups that are on topic. People who are seeking a divorce or information about divorce law are far more likely to be in these groups that are private than to ask around for this information in a public capacity.

Find out if your budget allows for an SEO expert to do this work for your law firm. It may be preferable to have someone from your firm do this because they have more insider’s knowledge and would help to get familiar with what prospective clients want to know.

Expect to Pay Big Bucks 

There are many SEO companies that specialize in providing services to attorneys. Just like with anything else, their effectiveness and skill levels vary. You should expect that anyone who charges you less than $500 is not likely to offer you a quality work product. Try not to be alarmed at how much it costs and instead, ask for an outline and project overview so that you know what the campaign entails and can feel confident in hiring a certain agency.

Find a Top-Notch SEO Company for Divorce Attorneys 

As a divorce lawyer, you know that it can be incredibly difficult at times to attract new clients. A strong SEO strategy put together by experts is something that truly will aid you in this endeavor. Contact a local SEO agency today with your questions and to find out how you can get started.

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