SYPWAI startup surprises with the incredible pace of development


Artificial intelligence plays an increasing role in the modern world. It allows computer systems to learn from their experiences. As a result, machines can perform a wide range of tasks previously available only to the human brain. Regardless of the direction, be it playing chess or driving a car, deep machine learning is essential to achieve the result. Only then, the computer is able to isolate patterns and solve the assigned tasks, based on processing a large amount of data. SYPWAI is one of such projects in the Theneurosphere.

The main stages of implementation

Projects related to neutron networks, machine learning, and the development of AI go a long and difficult way before they become available to users. It includes many stages, starting from the conception of the idea and ending with the final implementation.

To determine the degree of readiness of the solution, the developers have identified the following list of stages:

  1. Initial development (Pre-Alpha);
  2. Internal development and testing (Alpha version). Experts write a program and test the project on their own;
  3. Public development (Beta version). Anyone can take part in testing at this stage. The project is already available for use by a wide range of people, but the developer is not responsible in case of errors or data loss. At this stage, the system operation is under load, compatibility with other programs, etc. is checked;
  4. Preliminary version (Release candidate). All possible critical errors have already been identified in the program, and the necessary changes have been made. This is the final stage of testing and finalizing the project before release;
  5. Project release. A ready-made solution is offered to users for full-fledged work.

By early 2021, the SYPWAI startup announced the completion of beta testing and the transition to the Release candidate stage.

SYPWAI beta tests results

Although, the beta version of any product is more a mass public testing than a full-fledged work, at this stage the SYPWAI project received thousands of users. And the number of interested project participants is constantly growing.

In early 2021, SYPWAI developers announced the final beta testing and the transition to the Release candidate stage. This means that even now everyone can download a free full-fledged and stable version of the program. License “candidate” is usually has a limited period of validity or is not working on the last phase of the license.

Features of the SYPWAI project

Today, SYPWAI startup is one of the fastest-growing AI projects in the world. Every day, developers are improving the work of their AI. An increasing number of companies from various countries are becoming partners of the project, signing contracts with SYPWAI to use this platform. More and more investors are joining the project, scientists from all over the world predict excellent prospects for the development of a startup.

Through the SYPWAI project, artificial intelligence helps to make existing software products intelligent. Often, AI is not implemented as a standalone application. AI capabilities are integrated into existing systems, helping to improve their performance. Likewise, Siri has been integrated into Apple devices only in the next generation of systems.

The possibilities of automating tasks, creating platforms for communication, bots, and “smart” computers, combined with large amounts of information, can significantly improve technologies used in everyday life and business, from intelligent security systems to investment analysis tools.

The developers cannot yet say for sure how quickly the neural network will develop. It is difficult to determine how users will behave when the platform becomes available to everyone. One thing that can be predicted for sure is that the future is closely tied to projects like SYPWAI.

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