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Tickmill is one of the leading companies in trading with various opportunities with which you can make a good profit for yourself. The company was founded in 2014, and since then, it has operated in one tier-1 jurisdiction and two tier-2 jurisdictions.

This makes it quite a reliable platform for trading. Even without many traceable securities, it is quite popular because of its commission-based prices to the traders that hold VIP or Pro Accounts with the company.

The competition is very high in Tickmill concerning the prices, but it is worth a shot. This Tickmill review will help you form a more concrete opinion about the trading company.

How does Tickmill operate? 

No trading company is completely free of risks, and Tickmill is no different. Despite scoring a Trust Score of 81 out of 99, it is very reliable and appealing considering the high competition it offers.

Tickmill is not highly acclaimed like the other trading companies, but those who are familiar with it take full advantage of its trading opportunities.

Due to the heavy competition, it is most popular among VIPs and active traders who are also acquainted with pricings of lower brokers. Tickmill does not operate with a bank. Instead, it lets you be the holder of accounts that it owns.

Classic accounts

The traders do not have to pay any kind of commission fee to get access to this account; they can trade for free. But, the cost of bidding is comparatively high.

Pro Account

A minimum amount of commission needs to be paid to be the owner of a pro account. It is more popular than the classic ones because of the advantages that a pro account holder is given.

VIP Account

This is the least popular account because it requires a minimum balance to exist in the account for a low commission fee. But, VIPs also enjoy a lot of privileges.

Continuous improvement of Tickmill

The company has strived to improve its trading opportunities by incorporating better trading tools and the option of copy trading. Moreover, a team of analysts is responsible for a detailed analysis of trading based on extensive research.

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