The traditional marketing tactics that still work


Has the COVID-19 pandemic made the traditional physical marketing methods that once helped your business thrive obsolete?

It can be tough for small business owners to know if their marketing efforts are effective, so it might be time to look back on pre-pandemic days and learn how to promote your business in person.

The rise of digital marketing

Digital marketing has almost completely replaced traditional marketing in many sectors. Not only is it generally more cost-effective and easier to analyse, but its popularity has been spurred on by the digital demands of the pandemic.

With so many people using social media, it’s hardly surprising that the second quarter of 2021 saw a net 11% uptick in online advertising. During lockdown, it was much easier for brands to reach consumers through an online presence.

But there are signs to suggest that traditional marketing methods are back on the rise and should not be forgotten.

The return of traditional advertising

Making use of traditional marketing tactics might feel like a step back in time, but you could be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Print advertising methods including business cards and signage are still just as effective. Available in a range of eye-catching designs, shapes and colours, you could flaunt an interactive card or opt for simplicity to get your message across.

For instance, there’s nothing more personal than handing over a business card; the process is still seen in some cultures as an important ritual and always helps provide a crucial positive first impression.

Some of your prospective clients could be more familiar with traditional marketing, making it easier for them to understand and form a connection with you and your brand. Advertising in local newspapers, for example, would enable you to target customers in a particular location.

Face-to-face interaction

You should never underestimate the power of advertising in person.

Human beings are naturally hardwired to crave conversation and interaction, so why not showcase your business at an exhibition or trade fair? This could open the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and success of your team.

Savvy networking is essential if you want to attract not only top talent to your team, but to incentivise potential business partners too. If you hand out flyers or leaflets, your customers can keep hard copies and will be left with a reminder of your brand.

Simply being physically present also proves that your business operates with versatility. If you successfully strike a balance between digital marketing and more traditional methods of advertising, you’ll open doors to a wider, more exciting range of business partners and clients alike.

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