How to Upgrade a Character in WoW Shadowlands


MMORPGs are fascinating fantasy worlds where everyone can be a famed hero. There are many games of this kind, but the most famous and popular is World of Warcraft. At the end of 2020, the eighth expansion pack of the game was released – Shadowlands, which opened the realm of the dead in the game’s lore.

Characters in WoW

There are two factions (the Horde and the Alliance), each of which has seven races. The player can choose one race for the character. The game for every race starts in different places: from lands around Ironforge to the lands around Orgrimmar and so on. The player needs to pass quests to increase the level and open new territories and dungeons.

WoW is a multiplayer game with millions of followers; so, other people can fight with your dwarf/goblin/Draenei/etc. and kill it easily. It is very hard to resist high-leveled players when you are in the beginning. At the same time, old players who want to play by the other character can be annoyed by the necessity to evolve a hero for the desired level again. These are the main reasons to use character’s upgrade services as Epiccarry, especially for those who want to relish the modernized version of WoW.

How You Can Upgrade Your Character

Boosting services propose different abilities for gamers. There are various options in WoW to be enhanced or quickly passed. Epiccarry offers an upgrade for:

  • Reputation
  • Level
  • Bundle
  • Dungeon
  • Raid
  • PvP
  • Mount
  • Achievements

Players can choose one or several services. Epiccary guarantees the quality and non-prohibited ways to boost a character. It is important that a person can play WoW in free time, and in all other periods, specialists will upgrade the character.

There are some discussions about character boosting by services. Some people think that it is cheating, and you can enjoy the game only if doing everything by yourself. However, many players agree that there are many routine missions in-game, and it is cool when you do not need to waste time for them. Anyway, it is always a player choice – spend time collecting some items or have fun with other people passing the new dungeon.

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