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The gaming and streaming industry is booming and is expected to be a multi-million dollar industry in upcoming years and “Adding donation box” is the best way to make money while streaming on popular websites like Twitch.
Twitch is a popular game streaming website and has a lot of celebrity gamers are on this platform and some of them are even earning more than $100,000 per year from donations and sponsors.
It is not easy to add a donation box on Twitch as streaming. You have to think out of the box and use some techniques to enable a donate button. But because of some third-party websites and apps, it is now possible to add a “Donate Button” on your Twitch Stream.
Below we are mentioned few such techniques using which you can easily Setup a Donate button on your Twitch Stream.

#1 Twitch Bits :

Twitch bits are one of the popular ways to accept the donation on twitch. it is officially released by Twitch to not only support the streamers but to also reward users by giving them higher badges by making them spend more bits.

What are Twitch Bits?

Twitch bits are animated cheering emotes that the user can send to their favorite streamer as a sign or token of appreciation. First, the user buys Twitch Bits from the official website and then distributes it to their favorite streamer using the “Support Your Streamer” Button.
For using the bits the user first has to purchase them and then use them in live chat to appreciate their streamer. By spending the bits the user also earns a special badge which is then shown in the live chat, the more bits the user spends the higher badge he receives in the chat.
You can also use the Bits to USD converters to check the current price and the value of bits in Dollars. the twitch streamer earns $1 for every 100 bits spent by the users on live chat.

How to Enable Twitch Bits option?

The Twitch bits option is available for all the stream partners and you don’t have to manually do anything. If you want to check the settings for bits then you will find the option under Dashboard > Partner Settings > Bits & Cheering.
if the user wants to send you bits then he simply has to type cheer followed by the number of bits he wants to send. for example, “Cheer50” would spend 50 bits from his bits wallet.

#2 Add Donorbox Donation option on Twitch :

There are many Third-party Applications that you can connect with your Twitch Account and receive donations directly into your bank and DonorBox is one of those Applications.
With Donorbox you can collect donation in multiple currencies and with multiple payment options like Paypal,Apple Pay, Stripe, All major Credit and Debit Cards.
The Donorbox software is available in more than 25 countries and around 30,000+ organizations are using it to receive donation online.
To Setup Donarbox Donations on Twitch follow the below-given guide.

  • Signup to Donorbox using this link >>
  • Confirm your Email id and Go to your Dashboard.
  • Create your first campaign by clicking on “Create Campaign Button”

  • Now fill out all the information and You will receive a donation box page link. Copy the link we will need that later.
  • Go to your Twitch Dashboard and Go to channel >> Edit Panels and click on + Icon.

  • Click on the + icon and select “Add a Text or image panel” and add a title to your donation box button like “Donate Now” or “Donate Here” or “Support” click on upload image and add a donate button image (You can download some below given sample images and upload them.

  • Now Paste the Donation box copied link into a box that says “Image Links to” and click on the Submit button.
  • Once done you will see the donate here box on your Twitch Stream screen and you can now start accepting donation on your Twitch Stream and receive the money directly into your bank account.

#3 Add PayPal Donation Button to Your Twitch Stream:

Paypal is a convenient, secure, and widely used online payment platform to send and receive money worldwide. Almost all major Freelancing companies and eCommerce website has PayPal as their default payment gateway.
With the Paypal donation option you can easily create your own PayPal donation form and link it to your Twitch Stream.
Step 1: Go to PayPal and sign in with your credentials and click on tools >> All tools

Step 2: In my apps search for “Paypal Buttons” and click on open

Step 3: Now click on “Create new button”

Step 4: A form will open in front of you. Select Subscription as a button Type and fill in the information.

Step 5: Now go to and login with your Twitch username and password and choose the “channel” option.
Step 6:  Go to the admin tab and select edit. You will see a “+” sign box, click on it and add title as “Donation” or “Donate here”
Step 7: Now paste the PayPal donation button code in a section which says “Image links to”
Step 8: Download any of the above-given donation button images and upload them.
Step 9: Hit Submit. You will see that the Donation button is now added to your Twitch Stream.

#4 Add Cryptocurrency Donation box on Twitch Stream:

Cryptocurrency is a new and trending way of accepting donations from secret Twitch users or from the people we don’t want to reveal their identity. For accepting Cryptocurrency you can Signup for any Crypto Wallet website. Once done, go to “Receive Payment” section of your app or website and you will find a shareable link or QR Code on the screen just copy the link and follow step 5 to Step 9 given above in the PayPal Donation Box Tutorial. once done you will be able to receive the donations in the form of Cryptocurrency.
Note: Mention the cryptocurrency name as Bitcoin can’t be sent on the Ethereum address.

Tips on How to Encourage Your Viewers to Make a Donation on Twitch : 

Promote your Twitch donation link and form: You can tell your viewers about the donation box in the Live Stream or Through live chat. With live chat, you are not only promoting your Donation link but it is also going to reach your regular viewers who are constantly into the comment section. You can also add Notification so that your viewers can get notification about donations.
Give Shoutout to your donors: You can mention the name of your donors on the live stream to encourage them to make more donations also this will encourage new members to donate more in order to get their Twitch username mentioned on the live stream.
You can also add “Donation Widget” to your live stream where the widget will display the donor’s name, The amount he donated and a question from him. You can answer the silly and funny questions asked by your viewers to keep them entertained.
Promote your highest donors: You can create a list of the people who donated a certain amount and add them As a “Hall of fame” person and promote them using your social media account. You can also give an Instagram shoutout to your highest donor of the day. In this way, the users will feel more motivated and will donate a higher amount.


Above we have mentioned 4 popular ways using which you can simply and quickly receive the donation from Twitch and they are easy to setup. You can also go for more third-party options and let us know the feedback so that we can always add them to our article in order to help other Twitch Streamers.
If you have any doubt or need any help then please comment down below.

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