Easy ways to fix League of Legends Not Opening Issue on Windows 10


Are you having trouble opening the League of Legends game? even after installing it successfully without any errors or you have been playing the game from the last few weeks and suddenly this problem occurred? We are covering all possible ways to fix the game not opening issue on windows 7,8, and Windows 10.
League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle game with hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide and is available on Windows as well as for mac. but while playing such high-end graphical games can sometimes occur unexpected errors and problems and today in our league of legends troubleshooting article we are going to address the League of Legends not opening issue.
Common problems users face while playing League of Legends game : 

  • Game starting and closing suddenly without any warnings.
  • The game icon is showing but no response upon clicking the icon.

These are some of the common issues everyone faces and today we are going to address the same. Below are some quick and easy fixed for League of Legends not opening issue.

How To Fix League of Legends not opening issue :

#1 Fix – Manually Launch the game or run the game as Administrator :

if you are accessing the game directly from your homepage shortcut icon and the game is not starting then the possible reason might be that the shortcut file is corrupted. The quick and easy fix is to open the main executable setup file from the original game folder (your installation location. Generally C Drive). if the game works then delete the desktop shortcut and add it again.
Sometimes the game also requires some additional permissions that only the “Run as Administrator” option can give it. To enable the option please follow the below steps :

  1. Right Click on the “lol.launcher.exe” icon available in the game folder
  2. Select “Run as Administrator” option
  3. Relaunch the game.

#2 Reinstall your Graphic Drives :

if the above method does not work for you then you should be reinstalling your Graphic drives. To reinstall them please follow the steps mentioned below :
NVIDIA Graphic Drivers : 

  • Click on the search bar given on the extremely bottom left-hand side
  • type “Geforce Experience” and click on the first icon
  • sign in with your credentials and click on the “drivers” option given on the left side
  • Click on the “Check for updates” button
  • if the updates are available a “Download update” button will be shown otherwise close the button
  • if the button is visible then click on it and update the drivers
  • once the update is Downloaded click on the “Express” installation button
  • Restart your computer

AMD Graphic Drivers :

  • Right-click on the Desktop icon and select “AMD Radeon Settings“.
  • Click on the updates button and then “Check for updates”
  • Click on the install update button
  • once the update is downloaded you have to click on the upgrade button
  • the installer will automatically update your AMD Graphic drivers
  • once done, click on finish and restart your computer.

#3 Kill all the running League of Legends Processes.

If the above solution does not work for you then simply go to task manager by typing “Task Manager” in the windows search bar or by clicking CLTR+ALT+DELETE Together.
Click on Task Manager and search for any ongoing League of Legends process. if found, click on it and then click on “End Process” button. once done simply restart your computer and start the game normally or by going to the installation directory.

#4 Try Repairing the League of Legends game :

Sometimes while installing many things can go wrong internally and might damage or corrupt the game files in the process. the best way to tackle this problem is to repair the game and check if it can solve the issue itself.
for repairing the game follow these simple steps.

  • Go to games shortcut on your desktop or by going directly to the installation folder
  • Right-click on the icon and select Run as administrator
  • When a Launcher window opens click on Repair icon given on the extreme upper right-hand corner
  • The Game will go into the repair process and will try to repair the broken codes and programs.

The permanent fix to League of Legends Not opening problem

#5  Reinstall the Game :

If none of the above-given solutions works for you then the only option is to reinstall the game from start and remove all the content and files of the previously installed League of Legends.
Warning: Reinstalling the game might delete your saved game data permanently.
To Reinstall the game simply follow the given steps.

  • Click on the Windows Search box and type “Control Panel” and hit enter
  • Click on the first icon, a window will open with various options
  • Click on Programs option and search for the installed game
  • Select the game icon and click on “Uninstall button”
  • A window will open to guide you with the uninstalling process.
  • Select “Express” And it will uninstall game automatically
  • once done click on finish and restart your computer
  • reinstall the game

Wrapping up!

You can always keep your game updated and try to keep all your game files at once place. Always its always good to update your system drivers and graphic drivers. You can also use many free software to automatically keep your drivers updated.
Try using a free or paid antivirus on your system and clean your cache and cookies files regularly. if you still face any issue please let us know by dropping a comment below.

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