How To Delete Twitch Account

Twitch is the biggest social networking website in the world of online gamers. more than a million people watch streams online daily but this social media life is not for everyone and sometimes because of some tensions you might want to deactivate or delete twitch account. There can be multiple reasons for this theory and we are not going deep into this. In today’s tutorial, we are going to teach you on How to Delete twitch Account.
before deleting your twitch account please make sure you do the following things:
Announce your Twitch exit on your live stream or social media accounts:
if you have a good fan base on your Twitch account then it’s better to give them an idea of your exit from Twitch. You can do this by announcing that you are quitting Twitch on your live stream and on your social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook.
Promote your Secondary Channel before Deleting your Twitch account: 
If you are deleting this channel because you already have another Twitch channel and you cannot work on both the channels then promote your secondary channel on this channel before Permanently deleting this channel.
if is always recommended to make use of your previous audience before losing them completely. in this way, you will be able to get back your real followers on your secondary channel and focus more on content rather than growing the audience.
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Make use of other social media accounts linked to this Twitch Account:
it is not easy to grow social media followers. if you already have other social media accounts for your Twitch Stream Channel and leaving all the channels along with Twitch is not a great idea. You can change the usernames of your Social media accounts to something meaningful and entertain your audience. You can also sell this Twitch and other social media channels online.

Steps to Delete Twitch Account:

Step 1: Go to and login with your credentials.
Step 2: Click on the Profile icon given on Top Extreme Right-hand Corner and then Click on “Settings”

Step 3: Now Scroll down to the bottom and you will find “Disabling Your Twitch Account” and click on “Disable Account Link” or you can directly visit Account Disable page by visiting this link >>

Step 4: Now you will be asked to give a reason for disabling the account, You can also skip this step and click on the Disable Account button.
Step 5: for disabling your account on Twitch it will ask you to Enter your password again. Just Enter your Password and click on Verify.
Step 6: Your Twitch Account is now successfully disabled on
Twitch does not delete your User information from the website and disabling will permanently delete your Twitch Account. if you have any problem with your Twitch Account and don’t really want to delete it then you can also contact Twitch Support team by sending an email on

Conclusion : 

Twitch is a popular Game streaming website and if you have a fan base and good interaction with your viewers then we don’t advice you to disable your Twitch account as there is no other way to get your disabled Twitch account back. However, in some cases, you can directly contact the Twitch Support team and they will help you to restore your account.

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