How It Would Be Your Life After Being A Public Bank Officer?


Have you been wondering how could be the life of a Bank Probationary Officer? It would not be an exaggeration that a bank probationary officer job is regarded as a quite lucrative career option indeed. Most of you might be preparing for IBPS PO Syllabus and it is worthy to consider because of its bright future aspects. Every year several candidates participate in this exam. The job offers incredible career growth as well as the prospect to have a bright future indeed in banking. Most of you probably are wondering about the career prospect of a Probationary Officer of a Bank.

To check the IBPS PO Scorecard, you need to keep a close eye on the official site. If you want to have a successful career, this career option is worth going ahead with. Are you excited to know what responsibilities a bank Probationary Officer could have? What job do they do after getting hired?

The very first thing is that a bank probationary officer post is an entry-level position. Being a bank PO, you have to go under a specific training of 2 years. Once you are done with the 2-year probation period of Bank PO, then you may go ahead with the post of Assistant Manager upon joining a branch. Generally, the aspect of this job is quite similar to the way of bank administration or you could say the way banking in general is done. Being a bank PO, you need to have fluent and impressive communication skills. They should have the skill to resolve the issues completely, being calm and patient.

What Responsibilities Does a Bank PO Perform –

It is quite important to know about the responsibilities that a Bank PO performs if you are supposed to kick off your life being a PO. Let us check it out –

  • You probably will be asked to do any sort of bank-oriented activity by your seniors. You have to do this for 2 years until the Bank PO period is done. You must not say “NO” to any job.  You should be adhered to learning new things indeed. The more you learn, the more you will progress in your career. The best thing is that if you are keen to learn, you will truly be having the best experience indeed. You should keep going with different working procedures of the bank.
  • While having the probation period, you will also accumulate the required practical knowledge in the context of different aspects such as marketing, accounting, finance, billing, and investment so on.
  • Once you are done with outstanding completion of the procedure period, they would be required in any bank branch being as an Assistant Bank Manager so that all sorts of things could be handled in an ideal way. You must get excellent at different types of activities such as cash management, draft issuance, cheque, and so on.
  • You would be handling work in respect of bringing more business to a bank in the context of managing flow loans, handling cash flow, and finances, mortgage, and so on.
  • A Bank Probationary Officer needs to verify all sorts of work done by a clerk. You will also be responsible to check all sorts of a transaction of a bank in the context of maker and checker. Talking about the cash transactions, PO will be responsible for being a check-in case if the clerk is supposed to be the maker.  This is how it goes.
  • There is one of the most important responsibilities of PO, it is quite important to keep working as a public relations officer tackling different customer complaints. They would also be responsible to tackle different types of customers’ oriented issues such as rectification of undue charges, considering different complaints in respect of service imparted by the bank.
  • When it comes to the life of a bank PO, you will also be responsible to do different tasks such as supervision of clerical work, taking decisions in the context of advantages of a bank, handling different types of cash balance, and so on. Being a bank PO, you will also be responsible in the context of taking care of the loan-oriented documents as well as performing the following on-site visit of the loan having parties whenever it is required. You will be responsible in that context and you are expected to do your job in an ideal manner.

Conclusion – 

Hope the above-mentioned information has brought a smile to your face imagining your bright future. So, what are you waiting for? Get indulged into the preparation by putting the best efforts. Stay confident that you can make your future brighter and happier.

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