The 3 Best Practices For Lead Generation For Business


Digital marketing is the best way to grow a business these days no matter what type of business it is. Digital marketing typically involves a lot of different strategies online from SEO to brand building. However, one of the most powerful ways it works for business is in lead generation.

Lead generation is when you find potential customers and turn them into a valuable customer. There are a series of steps that are required for this to happen so it’s important to have the strategy done right.

In this article, we will go over what some of the best practices are so you can come up with a winning strategy to find more customers.

1 – Great landing page

The key to generating leads is to get them to enter the sales funnel. One of the most important parts of the funnel is the landing page. This is the only opportunity that you have to convince somebody to give you their email and start the campaign to turn them into warm leads or even actual customers once they finish their buyer’s journey.

Make sure to contact an agency that specializes in building websites that know all the elements that go into a good landing page, such as this web designer Billings MT. The key is to make the page attractive and effective. It should clearly show what the person giving up their email is going to get in return.

2 – Lead magnet

Getting people onto the landing page is not easy. The best thing to do is to offer something promising in return for their email. This is called a lead magnet and is an offer that promises value to the subscriber.

Use social media or even paid ads to let people know about the offer that awaits them and they will end up clicking over to the landing page.

An example of a lead magnet is something like an ebook, checklist, or even a free service call when they sign up. Nobody would arrive on the landing page if they weren’t promised something attractive.

3 – The right language

Once the person signs up for the lead magnet offer and enters the funnel, you have to move them through the different stages of the buyer journey. This involves using the email campaign to be regularly sent out to the subscribers.

Use the right language for each email to bring the subscriber to the next phase of the journey. When they first enter the funnel, they are not in buying mode and have to be led to that stage. The first stage is informative so use language that is helpful in those emails.

As they get further along in the campaign, the language should change and become more persuasive so they end up a buyer when they finish the cycle. If you try to use that language early on they will likely unsubscribe from the list because they feel they are being sold to.

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