When should you change your digital marketing strategy?


Nothing is permanent in the world. So, why should your digital market strategy remain unchanged? There ought to be times when you revisit your digital marketing strategy to reflect the new ground realities and modern trends. Here, we will look at the telltale signs of changing your digital marketing strategy. So, let’s begin.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Before we start, let’s first understand what a digital marketing strategy? It is a combination of different actions you perform across digital media to achieve some results. Like, any other strategy, digital marketing strategy is also characterized by specific challenges and a need to address them through different means and meet some goals.

What are digital media?

The different types of digital media where you apply your digital marketing policy may include;

  • Your websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media accounts
  • Search engine results
  • Online advertising
  • Emails
  • Collaborations with other digital companies and websites

Now let’s discuss when is the right time to review your digital marketing strategy.

Your existing digital marketing strategy has come of age:

Digital platforms are ever-evolving and ever-changing. Plus, consumer tastes and preferences also keep changing with time. New tools, programs, and technology keep springing up in the digital world. If your current digital marketing strategy is not incorporating all these changes and not taking into account the requirements of modern times, you are failing. Ideally, you should review your digital marketing strategy with your sales & marketing strategy defined by your particular industry requirements.

Your website needs an upgrade:

A website is a gateway through which a customer enters your world. It is a modern-day bazaar with offerings to entice buyers. But, if your website is shabbily designed and lacks enough shimmer and shine to attract customers, you will lose customers, and your digital marketing policy will not yield the desired results. Never hesitate to invest in your website; it will pay you immensely.

Your search engine rankings are not high:

If you are not appearing on the first two (preferably first) pages of any search engine’s results, you will not achieve success on the digital marketing front. You seriously need to optimize your search engine’s ranking through various tools and techniques. It is called SEO or search engine optimization. Professionals will audit your website and recommend corrective measures to improve your ranking.

No traffic on your website:

This one is related to the above. Naturally, if you don’t appear in the top searches, no one will visit your website. To them, you are a non-existing entity. There can be other reasons for it as well. You might need to run ad campaigns to increase your visibility and create awareness about your business.

Traffic but no conversion:

In this scenario, you do receive visitors, but they don’t buy anything on offer by you. For this, you need to consult experts who will conduct a detailed analysis of the situation. It is known as conversion rate optimization or CRO. Your digital marketing policy is likely to falter and fail without a proper CRO. Thankfully, You can always get suggestions from Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Consultant to resolve your queries and optimize your existing traffic for better conversions.

Ad campaigns are not yielding results:

Running paid ads is a sure-shot way of increasing your revenue by increasing sales. Digital ad campaigns are exact, focused, and result-oriented. It includes the social media ad campaigns and ads that you place on other websites. If they are not bringing in the desired result, there is something seriously wrong with your digital marketing policy. It’s time to revisit.

Not enough new lead generation:

To check how you are faring on this front, you need to look at your Google Analytics. Here, you will see the progress rate of your lead generation. If it is not satisfactory, you need to reevaluate your digital media strategy and find out what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

You are not mobile-friendly:

The majority of internet users browse websites using their smartphones. If your website is not optimized for mobile phones, you will lose big time. Social media platforms like Instagram are designed with smartphones in mind. It’s about time you join in and make a mobile-friendly version of your website. Otherwise, your efforts towards digital marketing won’t bring in the desired results.

Make optimal use of social media platforms:

If you are not regularly posting content on your social media accounts, you are missing the party because it is where all the fun happens. You must make effective use of them by posting engaging content, involving your audience, and using emojis and hashtags per your product’s requirements. You will direct most of your digital marketing actions towards social media, so they must be updated, upmarket, and upscale.

Repackage and redirect your old content:

Sift through your website and social media pages and remove the old content. You can make a video, blog, an image, or anything from it and then share it with your audience. It will likely bring in good engagement from the community. People love nostalgia and, if presented in an absorbing manner, can bring monetary rewards. You can promote such posts or videos through a paid campaign and generate new leads.

No email sign-ups:

If people are not signing up for your offers and promotions through emails, you should find out what is wrong here. There could be different issues like a complicated system of signing up for obsolete products and services. Please get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it.

Check and monitor your progress:

Lastly, we like to state that you keep checking the results of your digital marketing campaigns. You need to know the right metrics to measure your performance. Make good use of paid and free services in this regard. It is what you will need to stay relevant. You need to be on track in order to achieve the results. Make use of the right excel template to plan your content, marketing, and other SEO stuff.


The above are some ways to find out that you need to review your digital marketing policy and strategy. It is advisable that you keep refining and reshaping it from time to time to keep it vibrant and result-oriented. If you are still indecisive, you can always hire the services of a social media agency Thailand to find out whether you need a change in your digital marketing strategy or not?

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