Are Facebook Likes Worth the Hype? Experts Weigh In


Facebook is one of the most important social networking platforms. It plays a major role in the marketing plans of the business. The Facebook likes button first appeared on 9th February 2009 on the Facebook platform. It means that the audience likes the post. Facebook “likes” help to tell friends that the users enjoy the post or comment.  Likes on the center of the Facebook platform can only be seen by the approved followers. 

Importance of Facebook likes

Facebook likes are important as they show that people support the post. It also shows that the people trust the creator and its brand. For Facebook algorithms, likes are a ranking signal. Everyone is searching for approval on social media platforms. Facebook likes are a sign of approval from other social media users. You can draw a lot of attention through Facebook likes. To influence the audience, Facebook likes to provide social proof. Likes play a key role in getting users engaged with the content. Some important features of Facebook likes are here:

  1. Empathy

Facebook likes show that the audience or visitors are interested in the post or business and want to hear from the creator. This helps build a personal relationship with the audience and increase engagement.

  1. Engagement

It is common for people who like Facebook posts to be more active and connected than the average Facebook user. Average users are less engaged than the new followers. 

  1. Visibility

It is believed that the audience engagement depends on the Facebook likes and comments. Through Facebook Likes, the creator knows about the updates. So, one can say audience engagement through Facebook likes is important for the post to be visible on the Facebook platform. 

  1. More Followers

Increased likes mean more people are expected to be engaged with the post. It means that more engaged people with the posts have more friends. Hence, this can increase the number of followers. Those who have no idea who the followers are should know they are those who like what you post and try to stay updated with your upcoming posts. They also stand as a measure of future engagement. 

  1. Social Proof

People like to engage with those posts which have maximum likes. People don’t like to engage with posts that have fewer likes. Popular posts will get more likes. It helps in increasing the number of followers. For example, if someone visits a post with no engagement, there will be no motivation to like the post. Remember, only popular posts get more likes, or else try FBPostLikes, which can add these Facebook likes to any post. They provide these likes from the active accounts and hence can add engagement in the later stage. Wanna try today?

  1. Social Validation

The likes that the post receives itself act as an indicator as to whether the users are engaging and relating to the post or not. If the content is engaging, it will attract a vast pool of followers. If you own an account here, what else do you want beyond it? One calculates the social value with the number of cars and properties. Similarly, one can ascertain the social networking value through the number of followers and likes.

  1. Email Marketing

When many people like the post, the user can use the messaging feature available in the page’s administrative console to send broadcast-style emails to the audience. The creator can also target audiences based on demographics such as age, gender, and location. Sending an occasional email is another way of staying in the audience’s mind. 

  1. Advantageous for small businesses

Having many likes on a Facebook page is a key factor for any brand with a presence on any online platform. This, in return, brings traffic to the page and increases the brand’s visibility. Followers are the real promoters of any brand who take the popularity of any brand to the next level. Do you also follow Facebook pages? 

  1. More traffic on the website

By incorporating the Like button into the website, you can easily increase traffic on the Facebook platform. Whenever the visitor clicks the like button through the news feed, information about the site goes to their friends. It increases the traffic on Facebook at a go. Only a like button is required to embed a small piece of code in a website. Even business people without technical skills can embrace it. What is stopping you from taking your brand’s popularity to another level?

  1. Facebook Graph

When you like a post on a Facebook page, it becomes a knot on the Facebook graph. Then it appears in search. It is also likely to appear on the user’s Facebook profile page, whether a brand, product, or service. 

The Facebook advertising platform keeps a record of all the Like activity. To produce eminently targeted ads, the creator can access the data from the Facebook platform. From these advertisements, you can achieve a higher degree of relevance by the businesses. 

  1. Insight

Every Facebook page is associated with a data component called Insights. Facebook likes provide detailed information about the fans’ activities on the page. It also helps provide demographic information such as age, gender, and geographic location of the fans. This information helps in the market research of the business. Facebook likes contribute to the statistics of the Facebook insight page. This is how it helps the business to understand the targeted audience better. 

  1. Security

A sense of security is built in the creator through Facebook likes. They feel secure when the content they create is correct and approved by many followers.  Thus, the creator becomes confident in creating new and innovative posts. This makes the Facebook page popular. 

  1. Increasing Revenue

When Facebook likes increase, the number of followers increases. This helps in increasing the popularity of the business. When a business becomes popular on this social media platform, it directly helps increase its sales. Hence, it increases the revenue of the business. 

  1. Prominent status

Marketing executives depend upon many standards when measuring the growth of business. Facebook likes have attained eminent status among the criteria. Boosting likes has become a medal of Valor for marketing executives

  1. Positive attitude

The people who follow the brands on Facebook also follow the business on Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel. So Facebook likes create a positive attitude. It helps in improving the brand name. It positively enhances the sales of the business. So, Facebook likes are a positive value for the brands and definitely motivates other. 

  1. Planning of Marketing Strategies

Facebook likes help businesses know how popular the brand is among the community. Accordingly, the businesses plan their marketing strategies. It makes plans to improve the post’s reach and helps boost the business’s sales. 

  1. Improving the content

Facebook likes help the creator in making the right content for the post. Through increasing Facebook Likes, the creator knows the post’s popularity. It helps in designing the future content for the post. If the post is popular, the creator will know he is on the right track. So, Facebook likes to help the creator improve the posts’ quality. 

  1. 19.Social Media ROI(Rate of influence)

Facebook likes allow businesses to see the number of followers they have gained. The businesses also track their Social media ROI. It also helps businesses in boosting their reach and engagement with the audience. Hence, it helps build a deeper connection with the business or brand.

  1. Feel-good factor

When an audience likes a post or a comment, it acknowledges that the audience agrees and emphasizes the post. It makes the poster feel better and encourages him to create more posts. It increases the post’s consistency and increases the reach and engagement. Indirectly increase the sales of the business. 

  To sum up

A creator can commence a career through a popular and effective Facebook page. The attention of the big companies is drawn towards an account of the business with many likes on a post and numerous followers. Big companies seek Influencers and content creators with popular Facebook pages and websites. So, popular Facebook pages can be monetized. In this aspect, Facebook likes are worth the hype. Publicly, the user displays its support by clicking a like button on a Facebook post.

As Facebook is the leading social network site, its Likes are important in boosting the business or brand. Facebook is considered a marketing engine, and its Likes is the accelerator. As written above, Facebook likes is an excellent way of reaching large potential customers. It not only creates security and builds a positive attitude towards the business but allows the businesses to increase the social media ROI. Businesses like to judge the success of their business or brand through the number of likes on their Facebook page. Indirectly, Facebook likes also help businesses to build a community and gain social status. The creator creates new and innovative content for the post to boost the likes on the Facebook page. This, in return, increases traffic and leads to business growth. 


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