Best Software and Apps for Farmers in 2021


There are various strategies for managing a farm. And one way to implement these strategies is to use some type of agricultural software. And choosing the right tool from the abundance of those on the market is a major decision.

The purpose of any farming software is to aid farmers with balancing a variety of tasks effectively. Whether it’s field activities, labor management, paperwork, or anything else, there is an agriculture app that can help to lighten the load.

To help farmers opt for the right instrument for streamlining their operations, modernizing management practices, and sorting through all the data, we’ve put together a list of the best apps for farmers in 2021. Let’s get to it!

Field Management – Crop Monitoring

Crop Monitoring is a digital tool for those who strive to experience the benefits of precision farming. This online platform by EOSDA utilizes satellite imagery to enable data-driven and effective farm management.

What features it offers:


  • Monitoring. Crop health analysis based on 5 vegetation indices
  • Weather. Historical weather data for five years and 14-days forecast
  • Scout tasks. Scouting app to assign and manage shouting tasks online
  • Field leaderboard. Fields rating based on changes in the average NDVI values
  • Zoning. Identification of field’s most productive areas
  • Field activity log. Convenient tracking of completed and planned activities on all fields
  • Data manager. Uploading dataset on performed field activities from the vehicle

What that means for users:

  • Cost-saving thanks to VRA farming approach (precision in building prescription maps)
  • Saving time and money on scouting thanks to accurate and remote problem areas detection
  • Weather-related threats detection thanks to reliable weather data
  • Timely detection of changes in crop health thanks to vegetation indices analysis

Who are the users:

  • Farmers
  • Insurance companies
  • Advisers and consultants
  • Suppliers

This is only a small part of the Crop Monitoring capacity. You can find more information on the product website.

Accounting Software – QuickBooks Desktop Pro

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is a tool for accounting that you can customize to any farming operation.

What features it offers:

  • Bank accounts to load transactions automatically
  • Print checks to print checks directly from the tool
  • Input bills for unpaid bills input and tracking
  • Class reporting for profit and loss tracking
  • Integrated payroll for paying employees and filing payroll tax returns directly from the tool
  • Inventory for inventory tracking and management

The finest online accounting software enables you to issue invoices, track incoming and outgoing payments, detect and follow up on past-due receivables, and provide reports that enable you to examine your financial health and other company elements. To help maximize your company profits you should invent in a paystub creator.

For Ag Retailers – AgVend Grower Portal

AgVend Grower Portal is an integrated web and mobile app with the goal to connect customers and business online. It allows for securely inviting growers to create an account and access their information.

What users can do:

  • Customers can view and pay their invoices
  • Growers can access historical orders and requests price update

Besides, the platform can be integrated with your existing business systems to enable your team view and manage grower information conveniently.

Herd management – Farmeron

Farmeron is a herd management tool that collects the necessary data in a single place to ensure effective and timely production decision-making.

What users can do:

  • Add animal lists and their custom groups
  • Track animal production activity, economic performance, purchase, and sales
  • Keep a feeding diary
  • Examining nutritional value of feeding components

Track Maintenance – TractorPal

TractorPal is a tool for monitoring vehicle status, maintenance, and more.

What features it offers:

  • Inventory to enter the necessary equipment details
  • Maintenance for creating maintenance schedule, keeping a record of oil changes, and even tracking specific parts of the vehicle

Hiring Labor – Ag Butler

AgButler is a tool to help farmers hire labor by connecting them within one platform.

What features it offers:

  • Map to search for jobs in your area
  • Filter by location, availability, work experience, and rating.
  • Payment structure organized in the app for payroll security

Best for Direct Sales – Cropolis

Cropolis is a multifunctional platform for direct food sales management. It’s main goal is to reduce paperwork thanks to its easy-to-build order forms. It allows for eliminating spreadsheet confusion with the possibilities of picking lists, packing lists, invoices, and more in one click.

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