6 Clever Strategies To Grow Your Real Estate Business in San Antonio, TX


The San Antonio real estate market is on the rise, with home prices up 6.7 percent over the last year according to Zillow. That means it’s a great time to start thinking about giving your real estate business a boost.

Whether you are just starting out in the business or you are looking for ways to grow the client base that you already have, there are technologies and tools that can help you take your business the extra mile. During the COVID-19 pandemic, agents used the power of virtual to keep clients engaged from afar. Considering digital tools along with networking resources and ways to grow your team, can help you up level your San Antonio real estate business.

Grow your niche

You probably already know that buyers and sellers want to work with an expert in their target market. Whether that means single family homes, homes with extra land, or communities aimed for retirement, building your focus will bring the right clients to you. Beyond being selective about the clients who you work with, you can also grow your niche by writing and talking about your niche on a blog, podcast, or in local media. The more of an expert you are, the more those clients will come to you.

Use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are used by businesses across many industries to manage customer interactions. If you are already using a CRM to track and send out messages then you know how it can save time and help you stay on track with your business goals. While CRMs vary in their capabilities, you may want to use your CRM to send out newsletters and updates.

Be smart with administrative tasks

When you are starting out, you may be a one-person show taking care of everything to run a business on your own. That might include administrative tasks such as scheduling showings, or marketing, including managing a blog or social media. You may soon find that using your time for these tasks (that you could outsource to someone else) means you have less time working with clients. Investing in an employee (even part-time) who can assist you will free up your time for client interactions and help you sell San Antonio homes fast.

Get Social 

Social media isn’t only for staying in touch on your personal time, it can also help you find new clients and spread the word about listings. This is one area where an assistant can help you by updating social media posts and maybe a blog.

Go Virtual

When in-person showings weren’t possible, agents hosted open houses virtually. This was a powerful way to give people access to homes that they might not otherwise see. Opening your business up to virtual showings can bring in clients from outside San Antonio or even Texas to expand your client base. By offering virtual showings you can also help clients buy and sell homes faster.

Network in the real world

Even in the age of everything digital, expanding your business can come from expanding your human interactions. Attending community events and getting involved in the area of your expertise can help you make new contacts and expand your practice.

Not everyone wants to build a multi-agent business, but following a few strategies can help you hit whichever real estate goals you have in mind.

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