Feeling Of Guilt: Exam Gone Wrong


It’s normal to feel disappointed and frustrated with a failed exam. It is normal because you have committed yourself, you have studied, and made sacrifices to prepare yourself and you have not seen your efforts recognized with zero results. Because when you prepare for an exam, you feel the pressure above all from the family, who may expect results from you, and going home without these results makes you feel defeated. Or maybe because your classmate, with whom you studied the whole exam, passed it, and you live this thing as an injustice with anger.

In short, we are human beings, and we are notoriously a cauldron of feelings. But these feelings are natural, you don’t have to worry about experiencing them.

exam pressure feeling

Don’t Get Overwhelmed With This Feeling

So, feelings that are completely justified, but if you are not careful, they can suck you into a vortex of negativity. You risk that disappointment makes you completely lose motivation the study.

And if you give a lot of importance to what your parents and friends think, a “defeat” such as a failed exam can lead you to throw yourself into a mad and desperate study. An unreasonable study, in which you aim to know everything perfectly without distinction between more and less important things. A study made only of effort and no fun because you think you can’t afford the breaks. Not to mention that you risk developing student block and arriving at the next session with exam anxiety!

All these things can affect your behavior and way of studying even for a long time without you noticing. Therefore, it is important to realize when it is time to stop thinking about guilt and move on! After the disappointment, what you have to do is get rid of all negative thoughts, because there is more: the time has come to redo! You have to get up and you are perfectly capable of doing it.

Everything Has A Reason

You have to think that everything that happens to you, from the good one to the big mess, has its own meaning, it happens for a reason. The point is to understand what the message of what happened is, and what it wants to say or help us do.

Steve Jobs, in his 2005 speech to Stanford graduates, said, “You can’t connect the dots by looking forward; you can only merge them by looking back. You have to believe in something, in destiny, in life, in karma and trust that somehow in the future the dots will be able to connect ».

It means that many things happen to you in life that you don’t have control over, but you have to trust and be convinced within yourself that what happens to you, the positive and negative experiences you live, happens for a reason. Even if you don’t understand it, you don’t have to give up, you have to go on giving your best because sooner or later the meaning will be clear to you! And looking back you can connect the dots by understanding what happened in the past and setting the bar for the future.

So, if you haven’t passed an exam and are now feeling the guilt and all the other heavy feelings we talked about earlier, stop for a moment and ask yourself “How can I connect the dots? “.

After a while, you practice finding the meaning of things you find yourself doing a “treasure hunt” of the positive things hidden behind the negative ones. Then you look at yourself a little from the outside, dissociated, lucid, and think: “Ok this happened to me: how can I take advantage of it? I keep the things I need and throw everything else away”. The right solution is always at the corner you just need to connect the dots, and if they are not connecting for help from friends, fellow students, or even an essay writer online, who can help you with your task.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Surround Yourself With The Right People

What do you care about the judgment of others? The only thing that has to fool you is to put you back in the right direction, roll up your sleeves and start again. In this, it is very important to have the right group at your side, the right people!

They are the ones who support you, who understand that failure is part of the game. Those who during the exams give you a hand to study and repeat. They explain to you the things you don’t understand and carry you on. And they are those people who at the same time when you slack off and complain about nothing give you a kick in the backside and remind you that you have a goal, and you have to get busy even if you don’t feel like it “. They are those people who give you the example and motivation: “They do it, well done, I want to do it too”. You can create the right study group yourself by going to class and making friends with the right people.

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